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How to Write a Thank You letter after Interview?

Thank You letter after Interview

The job interview itself is just part of the entire hiring process.
Actually, the interview process comprises of a lot more than just the interview that a person undergoes.
There are several aspects, like pre interview communication and and post job interview communication that one should take into consideration. One of the most important aspects of post interview communication is the thank you letter after an interview.

Addressing The Letter:

To whom should you send the letter?

The letter can be addressed either to the entire human resources department in general, or can be addressed to the particular individual who took the interview.
There are several ways in which you care post and send a job interview thank you letter. You might either send it by snail mail, which will add a quaint touch to the entire process, or send it via email.

The follow up thank you letter is quite important, especially in the cases where the hiring process will be pulled along for a long time and where there are multiple applications for the same post, or where the interviews are being taken for multiple positions through the same channel.
Therefore, the letter may help in keeping you in the mind of the interviewer, or even remind the interview of your resume and therefore your interview.


Writing a Thank You letter After Interview:

There are some aspects that one should keep in mind before writing the thank you letter as a follow up. Here are just some of the tips that you should keep in mind:

1. Be Genuine:

While writing a thank you letter after interview, make sure that the letter does not come across as superficial, or does not come across as something that you are doing to curry some favors from the interviewer. Make sure that the letter is written in a professional tone and does not try to be too friendly with the interviewer or the human resources department.

2. Try To Be Professionally Personal:

While writing the letter, make sure that it comes across as a personal written in a professional fashion, and not as a kind of bulk mail that you might be sending across to all the interviewers that you have met through the week. The best way to achieve this is by remembering or finding out the name of the person who interviewed you and writing to them in their professional capacity.  There is a thin line that you should tread between being too personal and too professional, and the faster you do, the better it is for you.

3. Explain Your Enthusiasm:

No company would want to hire a person who is not enthusiastic about the work opportunity that they are being offered. Since you are writing a document that will be read directly by the interviewer, it is a good way to express your enthusiasm about the job and ensure that it is a good decision for your professional and personal future. This might backfire if you sound too gullible or naive.

These are just some of the tips that you should keep in mind while writing a thank you follow up letter after your interview.

Writing the Thank You Letter after an Interview:
Template To Use?

Here is a template to use as main suggested paragraphs by order:

☛ Start with gratitude towards the opportunity/time the employer gave you.
☛ Continue with expressing your interest in the job.
☛ Enclose documents if required.
☛ Reiterate your thanks and hope for future interaction/interviews.

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2015-04-13 06:55:02

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Re: How to Write a Thank You letter after Interview?

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