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Using Action Verbs & Keywords In a Resume

Tips For Using Action Verbs And Keywords In A Resume


Using Action verbs and keywords in resumes are two best ways to increase the chances that your resume will get noticed by potential employers.

Action Verbs:

Action Verbs give your resume power and direction and make your achievements sound even more impressive. If you want to get the employers attention, a good practice would be to start as many sentences as possible with action verbs.
Here is a short list of strong action verbs for resumes per field:

Action Verbs For General Achievement:

Accomplished, Achieved, Improved, Affected, Constructed, Delivered, Changed, Adapted, Adjusted, Advanced, Coached, Assigned, Awarded, Contacted, Exceeded, Executed, Completed, Decreased, Increased, Reduced, Enhanced, Enlarged, Established, Influenced, Initiated, Innovated, Inspired, Proved, Reached, Succeeded, Motivated, Originated.

Action Verbs For Management And Leadership:

Arranged, Managed, Led, Balanced, Conducted, Aspired, Decided, Carried Out, Directed, Coordinated, Handled, Supervised, Hired, Activated, Active In, Acted, Launched, Utilized, Took Over, Planned, Forecast, Guided, Motivated, Originated.

Action Verbs For Researchers, Solving Skills And Development:

Defined, Analyzed, Assessed, Diagnosed, Evaluated, Built, Developed, Designed, Combined, Adapted, Adjusted, Created, Produced, Converted, Corrected, Fixed,  Examined, Installed, Programmed, Provided, Solved.

Action Verbs For Analysts:

Consulted, Advised, Diagnosed, Analyzed, Evaluated, Examined, Identified, Suggested, Validated.

Including Relevant Critical Keywords Or Buzz Words

Perhaps you would be surprise to know that your resume is not screened by human beings but by software. Because of the vast amount of resumes that employers & recruiters compress in their database, most of the work is done electronically. The DB software scans resumes when potential applicants are required.
This software will select your resume based on the keywords (or key terms) written in it. Be aware of current terminology and trends in your field – Stay informed of keywords.  Include these appropriate keywords in your resume for each job opening. This will make your resume search friendly or rank higher in resume databases resulting in a higher number of calls for job interviews. It will also make you more believable to employers. Begin by researching the appropriate keywords for your career, domain or industry and then highlight those keywords in past or current jobs.

Tips For Finding Keywords For A Resume

The keywords to target are those that are used in the general job description of the jobs that you are interested in. You can look at any job posting, relevant to your job hunting target, and filter out the keywords, such as – professional expertise, technology skills, education, years of experience/education, some action words and relevant competencies.
Secondly, look for keywords such as:
☛ Certifications
☛ Job Titles, professional expertise
☛ Product Names, Service type, Technical/Industry terms
☛ Software or Hardware areas

2015-04-13 05:47:21

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Re: Using Action Verbs & Keywords In a Resume

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