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Resume Interview Questions and Answers

All About Resume Interview Questions And Answers

An Overview:

Needless to say that writing a good resume is the most essential pre-requisite for being called to the job interview and for securing a job. Interviewers spend less than 10 seconds reviewing a resume and making a mental note if they are really interested in learning more about the candidate background/abilities or not. If they do not find the resume too interesting or matching what they are looking for, they will perhaps, interview the candidate on a superficial level or even call off.

Know Your Resume:

During a regular interview, interviewers commonly ask questions about certain things written in the resume. Therefore, it is important that you not only know about what is written in your resume inside out, but also be equipped with supporting examples and stories about any specific point listed.

What Are These Resume Related Questions

Common Questions Asked When Reviewing Your Resume:

The questions an employer may ask himself when reading your resume are:
▸ Does this resume reflect back to the job in question, including – the candidate’s professional experience, expertise, skill sets, qualifications, achievements, and other general requirements?
These questions can be asked at your interview in order to verify certain aspects missing (or not clear enough) in your resume. The interviewer may ask you to refer the job requirements to your resume. He may ask specific questions, like –


Show him where you have listed the overall job skills s/he is looking for?

Describe Your Career:

Do you have a convincing background? How did you perform in the past and what results have you achieved?
That is why your resume must be tailored to the job you are after.

What Should A Resume Answer?

What should a resume contain in order to STEAL the show?

Seeing Is Believing:

List skills sets and relevant experience. A resume should be able to touch-base on the skills and experience that are required for the job in consideration. If neither of them is highlighted enough; it might miss the interviewer’s attention and your endeavor of attaining a job may end up in vain!
Ideally, you should mention relevant experience and skill sets in your resume. You should read the job description well and tweak your resume by including specific keywords in the resume. This way, you will surely garner the interest of the interviewer. Also, you would be able to prod the interviewer in a subtle way for asking questions pertaining to what you have mentioned in the resume.
Steer away from including irrelevant skills sets and experience details as it may put off the interviewer. However, you may include certain skills sets and expertise that you think will be beneficial in luring the interviewer to select you.

Highlight Results:

It is imperative for you to highlight your professional achievements. This way, an interviewer will understand that you are a BANKABLE person who can lead teams and DELIVER results. Stating results in resume becomes all the more necessary for jobs that require individuals to perform on deadlines while facing constant work pressures.

Positive Background:

An interviewer would want to shortlist a candidate that has shown considerable levels of commitment at his past organizations. If he has been switching teams, job roles, organizations and industries; he surely has a commitment problem and thus, may leave his future organization in a lurch too.
If you have had a couple of job-switches in the recent past and you do need to include them in the resume; then do it subtly. Instead of highlighting the job organizations you have worked for; you may mention the time periods.
Last but not least, you should carry a copy of your resume along with you for the interview.

2015-04-30 04:48:05

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Re: Resume Interview Questions and Answers

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