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.Net Deployment Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: Dot Net Deployment Job Interview Questions and Answers

.Net Deployment Frequently Asked Questions in various .Net Deployment Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn .Net Deployment with the help of this .Net Deployment Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any .Net Deployment Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

1 ► How Viewstate is being formed and how it is stored on client in .NET?
2 ► ASP.NET interview questions?
3 ► Explain Attributes in dot NET?
4 ► What is typical about a Windows process in regards to memory allocation in dot NET?
5 ► What is your Observations between VB.NET and VC#.NET?
6 ► Explain the top .NET class that everything is derived from?
7 ► What is view state in .NET?
8 ► Explain security measures exist for .NET Remoting in System.Runtime.Remoting?
9 ► Which dll is required to translate XML to SQL in Internet Information Server (IIS)?
10 ► When displaying fonts, what is the difference between pixels, points and ems?
11 ► How to debug failed assembly binds?
12 ► What is .NET?
13 ► Explain What is an interface and what is an abstract class? Please, expand by examples of using both. Explain why?
14 ► Explain How ASP .NET different from ASP?
15 ► Explain the difference between VB and VB.NET?
16 ► Explain What is a Manifest in .NET?
17 ► What is smart navigation in .NET?
18 ► Explain Can the validation be done in the server side? Or this can be done only in the Client side?
19 ► What is assemblies in .NET?
20 ► Explain about .NET assemblies?
21 ► Explain How to manage pagination in a page using .NET?
22 ► Explain What are possible implementations of distributed applications in .NET?
23 ► What is CLR in .NET?
24 ► What is the base class of Button control in .NET?

2012-04-02 06:23:49

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