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Non Technical Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: Non Technical Job Interview Questions and Answers

Non Technical job interview preparation guide. Number of Non Technical frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Non Technical interviews

1 ► I want to paint a keyboard and per fit cost is Rs.1, when keyboard height is 10 fit, width is 5 fit and deep is 4 fit then who many Rs. Will be spent to paint a keyboard?
2 ► Is English language compulsory while answering interview questions posed by interviewer in the SBI interview?
3 ► Impact of us recession in India in regard to different sectors?
4 ► Why should i prefer risk management instead of life and general insurance?
5 ► what is iso 9001?
6 ► How would you answer wen interviewer asked u about signing 3 yrs of bond with company and you are not interested in signing bond?
7 ► What is the difference between accident and incident?
9 ► Do you think you are u fit for this job?
10 ► What is the difference between Nationalised bank & Non Nationalised bank? For ex: Corporation bank, Indian overseas bank are nationalised banks & Repco, Karur Vysya banks are non Nationalised banks. Whats the difference between them?
11 ► 1.Are the private insurance companies safe? 2.If any private insurance company all of suden close or meeting loss, What they should return the invest money to policy holders?3.What is defferance between govt insurance and private companies?4.Somebody saying ICICI produntial company met loss his property. The organization telling What we can do?share is down so you people will get very less amount? Is it true?
12 ► What is the difference between Supply Chain & Logistics?
13 ► Why you think you are suitable for the position project coordinator?
14 ► What is the longest waterways in the world?
15 ► What is your greatest achievement till date?
16 ► What is difference between VAT & CST?

2012-04-02 06:29:32

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Re: Non Technical Interview Questions And Answers


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