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Embedded Systems Interview Questions And Answers

Computer Mobile Networking and Wireless Hardware Devices :: Embedded Systems Job Interview Questions and Answers

Embedded System guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of Embedded Systems frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of Embedded System interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Embedded Systems Interview Question or answer. Ask Embedded Systems Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

1 ► Explain What happens when recursion functions are declared inline?
2 ► Explain Operations involving unsigned and signed? unsigned will be converted to signed?
3 ► Explain Order of constructor and destructor call in case of multiple inheritance?
4 ► Explain What are the features different in pSOS and vxWorks?
5 ► Explain Difference between object oriented and object based languages?
6 ► What are the advantages and disadvantages of using macro and inline functions?
7 ► Explain Why cannot arrays be passed by values to functions?
8 ► Explain what is interrupt latency? How can we reduce it?
9 ► Explain What are the different qualifiers in C?
10 ► Explain What are different qualifiers in C?
11 ► Explain What are the 5 different types of inheritance relationship?
12 ► Explain What will this return malloc(sizeof(-10))?
13 ► Explain Can structures be passed to the functions by value?
14 ► Explain Can we have constant volatile variable?
15 ► Explain What are the different storage classes in C?
16 ► Explain What is forward reference w.r.t. pointers in c?
17 ► How is function itoa() written in C?
18 ► Explain What is the difference between embedded systems and the system in which RTOS is running?
19 ► How to define a structure with bit field members?
20 ► Explain What is interrupt latency?
21 ► Explain Scope of static variables?

2012-04-03 04:21:00

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Re: Embedded Systems Interview Questions And Answers

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