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SSC Geography Interview Questions And Answers

Government Section :: SSC Geography Job Interview Questions and Answers

Government SSC Geography job interview preparation guide. Number of Government SSC Geography frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Government SSC Geography interviews

1 ► Where is tarapur?
2 ► Which river is the known as Ganga of south?
3 ► why it snows in shimla and not in amritsar when both places have sub zero temperature in winters?
4 ► Which one of the rivers forms an estuary?
5 ► What is Indian union?
6 ► What are the hurbs and trees found in ann area of the destruction of natural vegetation in Pakistan?
7 ► Koun si Nadi West (Paschim) me bahti Hai?
8 ► Where is ISRO Head Quartor? ISRO ka head quarter kaha hai?
9 ► largest district in India?
10 ► The highest peak in india?
11 ► Which type of erosion is responsible for formation of Chambal Ravines?
12 ► On which river Sardar Sarovar Dam is built?
13 ► Where are the Saltora Ranges located?
14 ► Where is Gir National Park is located?
15 ► Where is Bandiur National Park is located?
16 ► Where is Ranghambor National Park is located?
17 ► Where is Sabarigiri Project located?
18 ► Where is Balimela Project located?
19 ► Where is Sharavathy Project located?
20 ► Where is the Koyna Project located?
21 ► Where is Saffron highly produced?
22 ► Where is Coffee highly produced?
23 ► Where is Tea highly produced?
24 ► Where Wheat is highly produced?
25 ► Where spice is mostly produced?
26 ► In which coal has the lowest proportion of volatile matter?

2012-03-29 05:03:49

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Re: SSC Geography Interview Questions And Answers

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