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UPSC Political Science Interview Questions And Answers

Government Section :: UPSC Political Science Job Interview Questions and Answers

Government UPSC Political Science job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean Government UPSC Political Science and get preparation for the job of Government UPSC Political Science

1 ► What is the main factor that contributed Fascism to rise in Italy
2 ► Say something about Fascism?
3 ► What Fascism means?
4 ► Workers of the world unite: you have nothing to lose except your chains, who said it?
5 ► By whom the book Poverty of Philosophy was written?
6 ► From which term the word socialism was derived?
7 ► Socialism is like a hat that has lost its shape because everybody wears it, who said it?
8 ► To which socialism stands for?
9 ► What is main objective of Socialism?
10 ► Explain socialism?
11 ► Which type of party system is implied in India?
12 ► In India freedom of press is?
13 ► How the importance of press has increased in recent years?
14 ► What is Freedom of Press?
15 ► What is Public opinion?
16 ► Tell me The Governor is appointed by the?
17 ► Explain what is skilled?
18 ► What is work experience?
19 ► Explain liberty and equality as in the preamble?
20 ► How to encourage right person in politics or how a entrance exam can be conducted for politicians?
21 ► The Structure of Indian Constitution is?
22 ► The first American President who visited India?
23 ► Which countrys independence day is same with India?
24 ► Tell me constitutional name of India?
25 ► What was the criteria to be elected in British parliament for Indians before 15 august1947?
26 ► The Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution was headed by?
27 ► What is money bill?
28 ► What are schedules related to the Indian constitution? the meaning of these schedules?

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Re: UPSC Political Science Interview Questions And Answers

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