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SAP PP Interview Questions And Answers

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) :: SAP PP Job Interview Questions and Answers

SAP PP job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean SAP PP and get preparation for the job of SAP PP

1 ► Can we create Production order without bom and routing?
2 ► what is the difference between PP and PP-PI?Which one is better and how?
3 ► If there are some errors in goods movements, and less stock of material consumed, how can i solve that problem in SAP?
4 ► If there are some errors in goods movements, and less stock of material consumed, how can we solve that problem in SAP?
5 ► Explain why their is need of production version?
6 ► Explain what is the meaning of exploding a BOM?
7 ► What are all the different manufacturing scenarios in pp?
8 ► in sap system, how to get production order record! example: i want to know who lock my production order!
9 ► What is the need of pp in sap, what is the flow diagram of sap pp
10 ► In which context do you use bills of material? [ ] Material Requirements Planning  [ ] Execute Production [ ] Goods Movements (to Help Data Entry) [ ] Product Costing [ ] Development/Engineering/Design [ ] Documentation [ ] Others?
11 ► Do you have different BOMs for a material in different plants?
12 ► What structure do your BOMs have? How many levels are there?How many components are there on each level?
13 ► Which BOM maintenance functions do you require (copy functions, mass changes, and so on)?
14 ► Do you have products with a large number of variants? Do you need Variant Configuration?
15 ► Do you have several alternative BOMs for a material, depending on the manufacturing procedure or lot size, for example (multiple BOM)?
16 ► What we will do after the marking andreleasing of standard price in product costing?
17 ► Tell me the planning steps for 100 products?
18 ► What is the difference between stock transfer order and stock transport order?
19 ► What are the costing parameter?

2012-03-30 09:07:37

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Re: SAP PP Interview Questions And Answers


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