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WebMethods Interview Questions And Answers

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) :: WebMethods Job Interview Questions and Answers

EAI WebMethods job interview preparation guide. Number of WebMethods frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many EAI WebMethods interviews

1 ► Explain about Pub-Sub Architecture, where do you implemented this?
2 ► How to store logs in DB?
3 ► When we  use REPEATE, EXIT flow steps?
4 ► How many interfaces you implemented sofar?
5 ► How many ways can you invoke a service?
6 ► How many kinds of log files in WebMethods? And where are they exist?
7 ► What is the file (.jar) name that sharing between WebMethods integrated with JD Edwards?
8 ► How we can catch exception error on run time mode using Flow language in WebMethods? and how we can send error description as an output parameter?
9 ► How to convert document list to document?If document list contain documents and documents contain strings field. How to convert?
10 ► What are client groups?
11 ► If i have a parent sequence with the property set- exit on success, n the try sequence block set to exit on failure, n the catch sequence block too set to failure, what is the result?
12 ► What are extended settings?
13 ► Scenario: i have a loop A, under which i have a child loop B, under which i have a Branch with few services with a condition. if a condition is satisfied , then i need my branch to exit from loop B, what should i do?
14 ► If i dont want to repeat then what i need to do?
15 ► Explain What are the new features in 8.0 compared to 7.1?
16 ► How You Can Delete Session Logs On IS?
17 ► Explain IS is thread or process?
18 ► Explain what is indices in MAP flow step?

2012-04-02 05:55:29

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Re: WebMethods Interview Questions And Answers

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