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Physical Chemistry Interview Questions And Answers

Chemistry :: Physical Chemistry Job Interview Questions and Answers

Physical Chemistry job interview preparation guide. Number of Physical Chemistry frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Physical Chemistry interviews

1 ► Balance the following redox equations by ion electron method.In basic medium(i)      CN- +  MnO4-                    CNO-  +  MnO2           In Acidic medium(ii)    ClO3-    +   Cl-                     Cl2    +   ClO2
2 ► What is little silver?
3 ► What are the different by which a new molecule can be characterized?
4 ► At a constant temp. volume is inversly proportional to pressure. This is Boyles law. But, when u give pressure to a football, how the volume also increases?
5 ► What is the difference between EMF and Voltage?
6 ► Today science says that clouds r formed due to sea(more than 90% sea water in cloud). but when rain starts, the rainy water is sweet while sea (salty)water is salty, how sea water is converted into sweet water?
7 ► Why we are carrying standardization of karl fisher auto titrator with water and disodium tartarate?
8 ► As per X-ray Fluorescence theory, when material particle is irradiated with X-ray the electron of innermost orbital of that element atom is exited and emits outside of the atom as photoelecrons, living behind a hole in innermost orbital . This hole is filled by outer orbital electrons. The question is that finely what happens to that photo electon which is emitted outside of the atom?
9 ► Why silica absorb in mix bed resins in D M plant?

2012-04-02 06:02:12

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Re: Physical Chemistry Interview Questions And Answers

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