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CCIP Certification Interview Questions And Answers

Certifications :: CCIP Certification Exam Job Interview Questions and Answers

CCIP Certification Exam guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of CCIP Certification Exam frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of CCIP Certification Exam interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any CCIP Certification Exam Interview Question or answer. Ask CCIP Certification Exam Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

1 ► Explain What are the two types of traffic policies that apply to user roles? (Choosetwo.)A. IP-basedB. peer-basedC. host-basedD. manager-basedE. server-basedF. VLAN-based
2 ► Explain Which default administrator group has delete permissions?A. adminB. help-deskC. add-editD. full-control
3 ► Suppose Based on the Boolean order of precedence, how would Cisco NAC Appliance evaluate the following rule?AdAwareLogRecent&(NorAVProcessIsActiveymAVProcessIsActive)A. (The Norton Antivirus is active and there is a recent Ad Aware log entry) or (the Symantec antivirus process is active).B. There is a recent Ad Aware log entry, the Norton Antivirus is active, and the Symantec antivirus process is active.C. (Either the Norton Antivirus or the Symantec antivirus process is active) and (there is a recent Ad Aware log entry).D. There is a recent Ad Aware log entry or the Norton Antivirus is active, or the Symantec antivirus process is active.
4 ► Explain What is the result when the condition statement in a Cisco NAA check forrequired software evaluates to false on a client machine?A. The required software is automatically downloaded to the user device.B. The required software is made available after the user is quarantined.C. The user is put in the unauthenticated role and the software is considered missing.D. The user is placed in the temporary role and the software is made available.
5 ► Suppose The NAS is configured to autogenerate an IP address pool of 30 subnets with a netmask of /30, beginning at address Which IP address is leased to the end-user host onthe second subnet?A.
6 ► How to ensure that the Cisco NAS has the most recent version of the Cisco NAA to install on user devices?A.NAA to all Cisco Each time the Cisco NAA is upgraded, the Cisco NAM automatically downloads the new version of Cisco NAS servers.B. From the Cisco NAS Web Admin Console, enable Cisco NAA autoupdate on the Administration >Software Update form.C. The Cisco NAA is upgraded directly to each Cisco NAS using the Upgrade Server form available on theCisco NAM web console GUI.D. Configure the Cisco NAS by selecting which Cisco NAA to upgrade in the Cisco NAA Upgrade form.
7 ► Explain Which three statements are correct regarding Layer 2 overlay VPNs and peer-to-peer VPNs?A.Peer-to-peer VPNs require the establishment of virtual circuits to connect the different customer sitestogether.B.Peer-to-peer VPNs require the service provider to participate in the customer routing, acceptingcustomer routes, transporting them across the service provider backbone, and finally propagating them toother customer sites.C.With peer-to-peer VPNs, the service provider is responsible for transport of Layer 2 frames betweencustomer sites, and the customer takes responsibility for all higher layers.D.The implementation of Layer 2 overlay VPNs is the traditional switched-WAN model, implemented withtechnologies like X.25, Frame Relay or ATM.E.With Layer 2 overlay VPNs, the service provider is not aware of customer routing and has noinformation about customer routes.F.It is simple to implement Layer 2 overlay VPNs because the Customer Edge (CE) router just needs aconnection to the Service Providers Provider Edge (PE) router.
8 ► Explain Which three statements about MPLS VPNs are true? (Choose three.)A. PE routers do not participate in customer routing.B. MPLS VPN is similar to using the peer-to-peer dedicated PE router approach.C. Customer can use overlapping addresses.D. Each customer is assigned an independent routing table (virtual routing andforwarding table VRF).E. The P Routers routing table contains both the global IP routes and the customerroutes.F. CE routers connect directly to the service providers P routers.
9 ► Suppose After you implement a network scan and view the report, you notice that aplug-in did not access any of its dependent plug-ins. What did you forget to do?A. enable the Dependent Plug-in check box on the General Tab formB. configure dependent plug-in support when you mapped the Nessus scan check to the Nessus plug-in ruleC. install dependent plug-ins when you updated the Cisco NAC Appliance plug-in libraryD. load the dependent plug-ins for that plug-in in the Plug-in Updates form
10 ► Explain What condition must be met for the receiving PE router to install VPNv4 routes intoa VRF?A. If at least one RD attached to the VPNv4 route matches at least one import RDconfigured in the VRFB. If at least one RT attached to the VPNv4 route matches at least one import RTconfigured in the VRFC. If at least one RD attached to the VPNv4 route matches at least one export RDconfigured in the VRFD. If at least one RT attached to the VPNv4 route matches at least one export RTconfigured in the VRF
11 ► Suppose A client has a network with wireless and wired users. The wired users runmission-critical bandwidth-sensitive applications. The wireless users access web-based support portalswithin the central office.Given only this information, which Cisco NAC Appliance solution would provide the most fault-tolerantoption for this client?A. one Cisco NAM and one in-band highly available Cisco NAS clusterB. one load-balanced highly available Cisco NAM cluster and one out-of-band highly available Cisco NASclusterC. one highly available Cisco NAM cluster, one out-of-band highly available Cisco NAS cluster, and onein-band Cisco NASD. one highly available Cisco NAM cluster and one in-band highly available Cisco NAS cluster
12 ► Explain Which description is NOT a topology where a central services VPN would be used?A.A service provider offers services to all customers by allowing them access to a commonVPN.B. Two or more companies want to exchange information by sharing a common set ofservers.C. A security-conscious company separates its departments and allows them to accessonly to common servers.D. Several interconnected subsidiaries of a company require optimal communicationbetween many sites.
13 ► Explain What is a major drawback of using traditional IP routing over an ATM network when connectingmultiple sites?A.Each ATM switch in the path has to perform Layer 3 routing lookup.B.ATM virtual circuits have to be established between the different sites.C.There is high ATM management overhead between the ATM switch and the router at each site.D.Each ATM switch has to be manually configured to participate in Layer 3 routing.E.There is high PNNI overhead.
14 ► Explain What is a benefit of CEF switching?A.CEF supports IP source prefix-based switching using the FIB.B.CEF uses less memory than fast switching uses.C.CEF is less CPU intensive than fast switching is.D.CEF provides Netflow statistics with minimum CPU overhead.E.CEF allows multiple data planes to share a common control plane.
15 ► When configuring the Cisco NAM to implement Cisco NAA requirementchecking on client machines, what is the next step after configuring checks and rules?A. retrieve updatesB. require the use of the Cisco NAAC. configure session timeout and traffic policiesD. map rules to requirementE. configure requirements
16 ► Which three components comprise a Cisco NAC Appliance solution? (Choose three.)A. a NAC-enabled Cisco routerB. a Linux server for in-band or out-of-band network admission controlC. a Linux server for centralized management of network admission serversD. a Cisco router to provide VPN servicesE. a read-only client operating on an endpoint deviceF. a NAC-enabled Cisco switch
17 ► Explain What best describes the following configuration example of allowas-in? router bgp 100address-family ipv4 vrf CustomerAneighbor remote-as 123 neighbor allowas-in 2A.permits incoming BGP updates defined by access-list 2B.permits incoming BGP updates defined by class-map 2C.permit incoming BGP updates defined by route-map 2D.permits incoming BGP updates with no more than two occurrences of AS 100 in the AS pathE.permits incoming BGP updates with no more than two occurrences of AS 123 in the AS path

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