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Novell Certification Interview Questions And Answers

Certifications :: Novell Certification Exam Job Interview Questions and Answers

Novell Certification Exams Frequently Asked Questions in various Novell Certification Exams Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Novell Certification Exams with the help of this Novell Certification Exams Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Novell Certification Exams Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

1 ► How to switch between virtual terminals on your computer?A. FxB. SHFT-FxC. CTRL-FxD. CTRL-ALT-FxE. The TAB key
2 ► You have made the following entries on your da10 server:da10:- #umask 033da10:- # mkdir trainingWhich correctly reflect the permissions on the training directory?A. drwx------B. drwxr--r--C. drw---x--xD. drw--w--w-E. drwx-rw-rwF. drwx--wx-wx
3 ► Explain When booting up a Linux computer, which loads the kernel and the initrd to memory?A. initB. BIOSC. KernelD. initramfsE. Boot manager
4 ► Previously user temps account was locked, but you cannot remember if it is still locked. As theroot user, when entering the command grep geeko /etc/shadow, what is displayed to help youidentify if the account is still locked?A. If it is still locked, nothing will display.B. If it is still locked, a # will appear before the password hash.C. If it is still locked, an ! will appear before the password hash.D. If it is still locked, the # symbol will appear for every value of the password hash.E. if it is still locked, the * symbol will appear for every value of the password hash.
5 ► Explain Which is the configuration file for init?A. /etc/inittabB. /sys/inittabC. /root/inittabD. /sbin/inittabE. /boot/inittab
6 ► From a terminal window, which command will allow you to change system wide defaults?(Choose 2.)A. gconfd-2B. gconftool-2C. gconf-editorD. config-sourceE. gconf-defaults
7 ► What is the command to rename a file on your SLED 10 computer?A. rnB. mvC. renD. moveE. rename
8 ► When a user submits a print job, which directory contains the actual data to print?A. /etc/cups/B. /proc/cups/C. /home/cups/D. /var/spool/cups/E. /srv/spool/cups/
9 ► Which command sets the sticky bit to the /tmp directory?A. chmod +s /tmpB. chmod 0777 /tmpC. chmod 1777 /tmpD. chmod 7770 /tmpE. chmod +s 777 /tmp
10 ► Which keystroke switches the vi editor from insert mode back to command mode?A. $B. #C. big_smile. >E. ~F. Esc
11 ► Shown below is results from the ls -l progress command:-rw-rw-r-- 1 rtracy users 0 2007-02-07 15:30 progressWhich statement is true?A. The group has read only rights to this file.B. User rtracy has read only rights to this file.C. User rtracy has read and write rights to this file.D. All other users have read and write rights to this file.E. All other users have read only rights to this directoryF. The group has read and write rights to this directory.
12 ► With CUPS, each print queue is registered with its name in which file?A. /etc/cups/printers.confB. /proc/cups/printers.confC. /home/cups/printers.confD. /var/spools/cups/printers.confE. /srv/spools/cups/printers.conf
13 ► Which directory allows you see which services are loaded in runlevel 5?A. /var/init/rc5/B. /sys/init/rc5/C. /etc/init.d/rc5.d/D. /boot/inittab/rc5/E. /root/init.d/rc5.d/
14 ► You are logged is as user wparker and want to change the priority of process 1824. It is currentlyat a nice value of 5. Being logged in as wparker, which command will change the priority?A. renice -10 1824B. renice -1 1824C. renice 0 1824D. renice 3 1824E. renice 7 1824F. Only root can change the nice value of a process.
15 ► Which command shows who is currently on the system and their processes?A. wB. whoC. lastD. fingerE. lastlog
16 ► Bash stores commands in a history file so you can have easy access to them gain later whenneeded. In SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop, what is default maximum number of entries thatthis file is set to?A. 100B. 250C. 500D. 1,000E. 10,000
17 ► There are several versions of grep in your system. You would like to find out which grepcommand is being used when you run that command without specifying a path. Which commandwill provide you this information?A. grepB. man grepC. list grepD. find grepE. which grep
18 ► What is the yast command to enter the software installation module from the command line?A. yast sw_singleB. yast /sw_singleC. yast -l sw_singleD. yast -i sw_singleE. yast --i sw_single
19 ► What GID number is assigned to system groups?A. GID 0B. GID 1 to 99C. GID 100 to 199D. GID 200 to 299E. GID 300 and above
20 ► Which will restart the Novell Client tray application from the command line?A. /opt/novell//ncl/bin/trayB. /opt/novell/ncl/bin/n_trayC. /opt/novell/ncl/bin/ncl_trayD. /opt/novell/ncl/bin/novell_trayE. /opt/novell/ncl/bin/nclient_tray
21 ► Explain The primary configuration of the automount program is contained in which file?A. /etc/fstabB. /etc/auto.miscC. /etc/auto.homeD. /etc/auto.masterE. /root/automount.ldif

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