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Microsoft Certification Interview Questions And Answers

Certifications :: Microsoft Certification Exam Job Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft Certification Exams Frequently Asked Questions in various Microsoft Certification Exams Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Microsoft Certification Exams with the help of this Microsoft Certification Exams Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Microsoft Certification Exams Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

1 ► If you need to configure Outlook Web Access to allow Microsoft Office documents to be opened butnot saved on public computers. What should you do?A. Enable direct file access for public computers.B. Enable Force WebReady Document Viewing when a converter is available for publiccomputers.C. Add the Office file formats to the supported document types for WebReady DocumentViewing.D. Add the Office file formats to the direct file access Block list.
2 ► Suppose you need to configure the minimum permissions necessary for a user to be able to configuremailbox databases on an Exchange Server 2007 computer. What should you do?A. Delegate Exchange Administrator privileges to the user account at the organization level.B. Add the user account to the Exchange Server Administrators role.C. Add the user account to the Exchange Recipient Administrators role.D. Add the user account to the Exchange Organization Administrators role.
3 ► In your Exchange Server 2007 environment, a users mailbox was purged from the mailboxserver, and a backup of the mailbox database was restored to a recovery storage group. Youneed to recover the purged mailbox to a production database. What should you do?A. Run the Connect-Mailbox cmdlet from the Exchange server.B. Run the Restore-Mailbox cmdlet from the Exchange server.C. Run the Enable-Mailbox cmdlet from the Exchange server.D. Run the Exmerge utility from the Exchange server.
4 ► What is h-look and v-look
5 ► You are creating a cluster continuous replication (CCR) cluster. You create a failover cluster andyou install the Mailbox server role named ExchMB1 on the active node. You need to install theMailbox server role on the passive node. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Eachcorrect answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)A. Run the Enable-StorageGroupCopy -Identity ExchMB1SG1 command.B. Run the Setup /roles:Mailbox command.C. Run the Setup /newcms /CMSname:ExchMB1 command.D. Select the Passive Clustered Mailbox Role check box in the Exchange Server 2007 Setup
6 ► Explain Which of the following Receive connector usage types uses Exchange Server authentication asits default authentication mechanism?A. ClientB. InternalC. InternetD. Partner
7 ► You need to find out the total size of a users mailbox. What should you do?A. Run the Database Troubleshooter in the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant.B. Run the Get-MailboxDatabase cmdlet..C. Run the Get-MailboxStatistics cmdletD. Run the Get-Mailbox cmdlet.
8 ► You are preparing to install the Mailbox server role on a new Exchange Server 2007 computer.You need to optimize read and write performance on this server. You also need to provideredundancy on this server. On which type of array should you place the mailbox database?A. RAID 1 containing the operating system partitionB. RAID 1 dedicatedC. RAID 0 dedicatedD. RAID 10 dedicated
9 ► Explain Users report that they are unable to access their mailboxes on an Exchange Server 2007computer named Exch1. You verify that connectivity to the server is functioning and that serverhardware is functioning normally. Access to global catalogs is also functioning normally. Youneed to report on the status of all required Exchange-specific and Exchange-dependent services.What should you do?A. From the Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant, run the Database Troubleshooter.B. Run the Test-ServiceHealth -Server Exch1 cmdlet.C. Run the Test-SystemHealth -Server Exch1 cmdlet.D. Run the Get-ExchangeServer-ldentityExch1 cmdlet.
10 ► Explain Your company normally does not allow out-of-office messages to be sent to users outside of yourExchange 2007 organization. The company makes an exception for a business partner namedNorthwind Traders. The SMTP domain for Northwind Traders is You needto configure your Exchange organization to allow out-of-office messages to be sent to e-mailaddresses in the domain. What should you do?A. Add as a remote domain and set the appropriate options.B. Add as an accepted domain and set the appropriate options.C. Create a transport rule and set the appropriate options.D. Create a Send connector for and set the appropriate options.
11 ► If You want to trigger an alert when the number of messages in the mailbox stores receive queueon an Exchange Server 2007 server reaches a defined value. What counter do you select whenconfiguring the alert? (The question uses the notation <performance object>:<counter name>.)A. MSExchangeIS:Messages Queued For SubmissionB. MSExchangeIS:Receive Queue SizeC. MSExchangeIS Mailbox:Messages Queued For SubmissionD. MSExchangeIS Mailbox:Receive Queue Size
12 ► If You move a conference room mailbox named ConfRm 1 from an Exchange Server 2003computer to an Exchange Server 2007 computer. You need to convert the ConfRm 1 mailbox toan Exchange 2007 resource mailbox. You need to ensure that the mailbox can be scheduled as aresource. Which two cmdlets should you run? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.Choose two.)A. Set-Mailbox-Identity Conf Rm1 -Type RoomB. Set-Mailbox-Identity Conf Rm1 -Type RegularC. Set- MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity Conf Rm1 - AutomateProcessing AutoAcceptD. Set- MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity Conf Rm1 - AutomateProcessing Auto Update
13 ► Marc is Marias assistant. Marc needs to be able to view all of the folders and subfolders in Mariasmailbox and to open and respond to Marias e-mail. You need to assign Marc the appropriatepermissions. What should you do?A. Run the Add-ADPermission -Identity Maria User Marc AccessRights Self ExtendedRightsSend-As cmdlet.B. Run the Add-MailboxPermission Identity Maria User Marc AccessRights ExternalAccountcmdletC. Run the Add-MailboxPermission Identity Maria User Marc AccessRights FullAccesscmdlet.D. In the Active Directory Users and Computers management console, assign Marc the Allow-Full Control permission for Marias user account.
14 ► A senior manager at your company is under suspicion of forwarding sensitive information to acompetitor. The chief executive officer (CEO) wants to be provided with a copy of all messagesthat the senior manager sends but does not want the senior manager to be aware that he isunder surveillance. Which of the following actions would you configure when setting up atransport rule to screen the senior managers messages?A. Blind carbon copy (Bcc) the message to addressesB. Add a recipient in the To field addressesC. Redirect the message To addressesD. Silently drop the message
15 ► You need to generate a report on all of the Exchange Server 2007 computer s in your Exchangeorganization. The report must include:Operating system versionNumber of processorsTotal physical memoryNumber of storage groupsNumber of mailbox databasesWhat should you do?A. Run the Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List cmdlet.B. Run the Get-OrganizationConfig cmdlet.C. Run the Test-SystemHealth cmdlet.D. Run the Health Check scan in the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer.
16 ► Your Exchange Server 2007 environment is configured with cluster continuous replication (CCR).The Microsoft Windows Cluster service (MSCS) is installed on two servers named Server1 andServer2. The default cluster that runs on the MSCS cluster is named Clus1. The cluster mailboxserver (CMS) is named ExchCMS1. Currently Clus1 and ExchCMS1 are running on the Server1cluster node, and the CCR replica is running on the Server2 cluster node. You need to back upthe CCR replica. In the backup application, which name should you specify?A. Server1B. Server2C. ExchCMS1D. Clus1
17 ► A users e-mail account is configured to use POP3. The users mailbox is accidentally purged fromthe Exchange Server 2007 Mailbox server. You restore a backup copy of the database thatcontained the mailbox to a recovery storage group on the same server. The user reports that hecan not access his mailbox. You need to ensure that the user can access his mailbox. Before youreconnect the mailbox, what should you do?A. Enable POP3 access on the mailbox.B. Move the mailbox to a standard storage group.C. Instruct the user to use IMAP to connect to the mailbox.D. Instruct the user to use Outlook Web Access to connect to the mailbox.
18 ► You need to find out if users can log on to your Mailbox server directly by using Microsoft OfficeOutlook. Which cmdlet should you run on the client network?A. Test- ServiceHealthB. Test- SystemHealthC. Test- MAPIConnectivityD. Test- OutlookWebServices
19 ► Windows NT 4.0 is currently installed on the system you are using on an NTFS partition. You want to install Windows 2000 Professional and dual boot NT 4.0 and 2000 professional. What do you need to do?A. Install Windows 2000 on the same folder that Windows NT is installed inB. Install Windows 2000 on a separate partition from Windows NT 4.0C. Upgrade Windows NT 4.0 to SP4 or later then install Windows 2000.D. This cannot be accomplished
20 ► A mailbox has 40 KB of mailbox rules. You need to move the mailbox from your Exchange Server2007 computer to an Exchange Server 2003 computer at a remote site. How should you achievethis goal?A. Use the Exchange Task wizard in Exchange Server 2003.B. Use the Move Mailbox wizard in Exchange Server 2007.C. Run the Move-Mailbox cmdlet with the IgnoreRuleLimitErrors parameter.D. Run the Move-Mailbox cmdlet with the IgnorePolicyMatch parameter.
21 ► An Exchange Server 2007 computer name d Exch1 fails. You build a new Microsoft WindowsServer 2003 computer named Exch1 to replace the failed computer. Before you restore themailbox databases from backup, you need to restore the Exchange Mailbox server role on Exch1.What should you do?A. Restore the System State data and the Microsoft Information Store data.B. Run the Setup /NewProvisionedServer/role:Mailbox command.C. Run the Setup /m:lnstall /role: Mailbox command.D. Run the Setup /m:RecoverServer command.
22 ► You need to identify the Exchange Server 2007 server role that must be installed on a stand-alone server. Which server role should you identity?A. ClientAccessB. Edge TransportC. Hub TransportD. Mailbox
23 ► You need to configure your Exchange Server 2007 computer so that a specific distribution groupwill allow out-of-office responses from the mailboxes of members of the distribution group. Whatshould you do?A. On the distribution group properties, enable out-of-office responses to be sent to messagesenders.B. On the distribution group properties, enable delivery reports to be sent to message senders.C. On the default remote domain policy, enable out-of-office responses.D. Re-create the distribution group as a security group.
24 ► What does the following command do?Set-PublicFolder OHuman ResourcesO -ReplicationSchedule "Saturday.12:00 AM -Monday.12:00AMOA. Specifies that the Human Resources public folder replicates only on Saturday and Sunday.B. Specifies that the Human Resources public folder replicates only on Saturday, Sunday, andMonday.C. Specifies that the Human Resources public folder replicates only on Sunday.D. Specifies that the Human Resources public folder always uses the default replication scheduleof the public folder database.
25 ► Your environment contains t he following servers:Mailbox server named ExchMb1Client Access server named ExchCAS1Standby Microsoft Windows Server 2003 computer named Server2Two Hub Transport server s named ExchHub1 and ExchHub2 ExchHub1 fails.You need to restore ExchHub1 to its pre- failure configurationWhat should you do?A. Rename Server2 to ExchHub1, and run the Setup /m:RecoverServer command on ExchHub1.B. Rename Server2 to ExchHub1, and run the Setup /m:lnstall /role:HT command on ExchHub1.C. On ExchHub2, run the Setup /m:RecoverServer command.D. On ExchHub2, run the Setup /m:lnstall /role:HT command.
26 ► What does the following Exchange Management Shell command do?New-DistributionGroup -Name "Manufacturing" -OrganizationalUnit Users SAMAccountNameManufacturing -Type SecurityA. Creates a mail-enabled local security group called ManufacturingB. Creates a mail-enabled universal security group called ManufacturingC. Creates a universal distribution group called ManufacturingD. Creates a dynamic distribution group called Manufacturing

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