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Computer Firewall Interview Questions And Answers

Computer Basics :: Firewall Job Interview Questions and Answers

Computer Firewall Frequently Asked Questions in various Firewall Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Computer Firewall with the help of this Firewall Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Firewall Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

1 ► What is Log Processing?
2 ► What is IP Spoofing?
3 ► What is Defense in Depth?
4 ► What is uthentication?
5 ► What is Least Privilege?
6 ► What is Cryptographic Checksum?
7 ► Explain You are currently designing your own Desktop Publishing application, as you have not found any that?
8 ► What is DNS spoofing?
9 ► What is Bastion Host?
10 ► What is Log Retention?
11 ► What is Virus?
12 ► What is Perimeter-based Security?
13 ► What is Intrusion Detection?
14 ► Explain If JumpStart clients are on a different subnet to the DHCP server, what must be configured to enableIf JumpStart clients are on a different subnet to the DHCP server, what must be configured to enable them to communicate with the DHCP server?
15 ► What is Trojan Horse?
16 ► Explain the difference between router ACLs and Firewall ACLs?
17 ► What is Data Driven Attack?
18 ► What is Dual Homed Gateway?
19 ► What is Virtual Network Perimeter?
20 ► What is Screened Subnet?
21 ► In what way firewall provides security and how far it works to different intruders and attackers? and what are all the disadvantages in the firewalls security access?
22 ► Explain Can traceout command work across the firewall? If No then why? If Yes then why?
23 ► What is Screened Host?
24 ► Explain employee assistance program (EAP) application is now required to be deployed?
25 ► What is IP Splicing/Hijacking?
26 ► What is Tunneling Router?
27 ► What is Authentication Token?
28 ► Explain the difference between gateway and firewall?
29 ► Explain Abuse of Privilege?
30 ► What is Worm?
31 ► What is Challenge/Response?
32 ► What is Access Control Lists?
33 ► What is Access Router?
34 ► What is Network-Layer Firewall?
35 ► What is Insider Attack?
36 ► What is Host-based Security?
37 ► Explain How the the two servers can communicate when the firewall is there in between?
38 ► What is Logging?
39 ► What is Proxy?
40 ► What is Screening Router?
41 ► Explain What is Authorization?
42 ► Explain What is Application-Layer Firewall?
43 ► Explain What is firewall? How to enable firewall in Windows XP?
44 ► Explain In windows 2003 built in fire wall is there or not?
45 ► Explain What is Firewall?

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Re: Computer Firewall Interview Questions And Answers


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