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IBM DB400 Interview Questions And Answers

Mainframes :: IBM DB400 Job Interview Questions and Answers

IBM DB400 job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean IBM DB400 and get preparation for the job of IBM DB400

1 ► How to know total no of records in pf with out using sql?
2 ► Can we concatenate fields in physical file? If yes how can we do?
3 ► I had created one physical file tell me command to enter data in to?
4 ► A pf containing 100 records... my query is how to display from 11th record in the pf?
5 ► What is the purpose of the chain and setll and setgt?
6 ► what is the interactive job? what is the batch job? How to change the batch job to interactive job?
7 ► One physical file can have how many max of logical files? what is the primary file?
8 ► How to update physical files using normal logical file?
9 ► How to update physical file using logical file with example?
10 ► What is open data path? and what is the diff b/w access path and open data path?
11 ► How to know logical file belongs to which physical file without source?
12 ► How to know the particular record in pf with out reading?
13 ► I have Physical file with 100 records,there is no any duplicate records in this pf.Based on this pf one Logical file i have used.But this lf is viewing only 80 records only of that pf?What is the reason for this?
14 ► When we create a PF and did not fill up Maint parameter, then by default which access path will the system take & why?
15 ► How to retrieve a physical file after deleting that? What is keyword used for that?
16 ► How to read a PF in reverse(from last rec to first) using CL?
17 ► Suppose i have a PF,it contains 5 members,how to access particular member data from logical file ?and what is the use of member in PF?
18 ► How to find the list of source physical files in a library?Is there any way to get a list?
19 ► How to add a field to a PF and compile it without loss of data?
20 ► Is it possible to create a logical file whose Physical file is not in  same library?
21 ► Is Constent can be define as a key field?
22 ► Why we create the Physical File Member?
23 ► Why Journalling is compulsory before Commitment Control?
24 ► How many max. Record format a logical file have?
25 ► Maximum how many fields we can create under a record format of PF?
26 ► Last statement of any RPG pgm is LR?

2012-04-02 06:17:41

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Re: IBM DB400 Interview Questions And Answers

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