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IBM Natural Interview Questions And Answers

Mainframes :: IBM Natural Job Interview Questions and Answers

IBM Natural job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean IBM Natural and get preparation for the job of IBM Natural

1 ► How to receive data passed through JCL parm parameter in a Natural program? How Data definition is defined in the program?
2 ► Explain difference between escape(top or bottom) and escape immediate(top or bottom?
3 ► How many work file we can code in jcl?
4 ► How to move cursor to a particular field when position is not known?
5 ► How to find occurrence of  MU and PE fields in a file?
6 ► Explain difference between read work file 1 and read work file once? Why we are using work file once?
7 ► Explain difference between read(1) and read work file once?
8 ► Tell me Can we update with histogram?
9 ► Is it possible to declare a GDA for an external subroutine?
10 ► A field declared as P8 needs to be redefined as Alphanumeric. What would be its new size?
11 ► How to create 1 DDM that fetches 3 ADABAS files simultaneously?
12 ► What is the quality process in development?
13 ► What is a hyperdescriptor? How does it work?
14 ► Explain ADABAS basic concepts.  Like inverted list, address converter ,data storage?
15 ► Can you explain control variable in online screens?
16 ► How are you going to remove duplicates from the file that is being read?
17 ► Can we see the copy book length using file-aid?
18 ► What is COBOL coding sheet?
19 ► If the number of parameter is more than the expected then NAT0919 error is displayed. How many parameter are allowed in a CALL and CALLNAT statement?
20 ► Explain the difference between External subroutine and subprogram?
21 ► Suppose You are processing an input file in a Natural program and you want the program to fail if the  file is empty. What command you use in Natural to force it to fail?
22 ► What happens when you issue a ESCAPE ROUTINE in a program?Will there be any compilation /Run time erro?
23 ► How do you pass data from a Natural Program to an External Subroutine? Can it share the LDA of Program as in Internal Subroutine?
24 ► Explain how to ftp the natural program to desktop? (from mainframe to pc), is it possible?
25 ► Explain why do we use file-aid for seqential files?
26 ► Tell me what type of files we can process thru file-aid?
27 ► Explain Is it possible to code GOTO statement in NATURAL? if yes please provide the syntax of the same?

2012-04-02 06:19:15

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Re: IBM Natural Interview Questions And Answers

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