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IBM MainFrame Interview Questions And Answers

Mainframes :: IBM MainFrame Job Interview Questions and Answers

IBM MainFrame job interview preparation guide. Number of IBM MainFrame frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many IBM MainFrame interviews

1 ► How to fetch even records from one file to another file by using ICETOOL in JCL?
2 ► File1 has 100 records and file2 has 200 records i want to copy 50 records which r in both file into file3?
3 ► What is use of linkage section?
4 ► What is difference between comp and comp-3?
5 ► How do define Dynamic array in COBOL how do u define single dimensional array and multidimensional array in your COBOL?
6 ► How To get the last record in VSAM file in cluster? And How can u get the ksds file records into ur COBOL program? Please tell me about these two questions.?
7 ► Tell about How do u eliminate the duplicates?
8 ► What is difference b/w file-aid tool and file-aid utility?
9 ► How to override a dsn that is contained in a proc called by another proc? I need to do the override in the calling JCL?
10 ► if a pic 9(3) value 354,b pic x(2) value 46 thena)a>b2)a<b3)error
11 ► Suppose oza017.myorg.emp has 100 records ,oza018.myorg.staff has 200 records but 50 are the common records in both files copy all the common records into dataset?
12 ► A job has 150 steps i want to execute only 57th step?
13 ► A job has 90 steps i want to execute only step7 and step15?
15 ► What are the parameter we cannot use in procedure? How many instream we can write in single jcl? Can we call instream to catalog and catalog to instream?
16 ► While creating a table, by mistake you have given size of one field as 10. But as per requirement size should be 8. What is your next step?
17 ► Suppose I have two tables A and B. Both tables are connected with SSN number as foreign key. I want to retrieve a column data from B table. How will you write a query?
18 ► How can we increment subscript and index?
19 ► We have an output dataset in job with disp parameter as SHR. Can we write data in that file dataset?
20 ► select distinct(empid),distinct(dept),namefrom EMPwill the above query work?
21 ► How to handle -911 (deadlock) error in a db2 program so that the program will never abend?
22 ► Suppose I have 1000 rows in a db2 table. I want to update first 100 records, How do I do it?
23 ► Can 88 level variable be declared in FD section?
24 ► How would find total records in files using seqientional?
25 ► What is label record is standard or omitted in file description of data division?
26 ► i need the code for this program in cobol.2+1=34+3=76+5=118+7=1510+9=19

2012-04-02 06:19:21

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Re: IBM MainFrame Interview Questions And Answers


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