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JCL Interview Questions And Answers

Mainframes :: Job Control Language (JCL) Job Interview Questions and Answers

JCL Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Job Control Language (JCL) is a scripting language used on IBM mainframe operating systems to instruct the system on how to run a batch job or start a subsystem. The term Job Control Language can also be used generically to refer to all languages which perform these functions, such as Burroughs WFL and ICLs OCL. Learn JCL or get preparation for the job of JCL by the help of this JCL Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is the function of DD DISP parameter?
2 ► How is the record format of an output dataset specified?
3 ► What is the purpose of DD * statement in JCL?
4 ► A DD statement has 2 types of parameters. Name them?
5 ► What is the function of JOB statement in JCL?
6 ► How can a job send a status message to a TSO user at the completion of a job?
7 ► What is the function of a DD statement?
8 ► When output dataset space is required, what quantity categories are used?
9 ► What statement marks the beginning of a job step; assigns a name to the step; identifies the program or catalogued or in-stream procedure to be executed in the step?
10 ► How can unused space allocation be returned to the system when a dataset is closed?
11 ► Can an individual step be restricted from using all the jobs allowed CPU time?
12 ► Where can program checkpoints be stored for use in a restart?
13 ► How can the disposition of sysout datasets be set for an entire jobstream?
14 ► What statement marks the end of an in-stream or Catalogued procedure?
15 ► What is the function of DD name parameter with a 2 part structure; Audit.Report?
16 ► Which DD parameters are required?
17 ► How can an in-stream dataset be terminated?
18 ► What is the function of the DD DCB keyword?
19 ► What is the maximum length of a single line of JCL?
20 ► What is the purpose of DD DUMMY statement?
21 ► Many JCL statements contain specific values designed to direct and control the execution of the statement. What are these fields called?
22 ► When space is allocated for an output dataset, what units can be used?
23 ► What is the format of comment statement?
24 ► A DD statement consists of 4 fields. Name them?
25 ► What DD statement is used to supply the name of a dataset?
26 ► What is the purpose of the DD KEYLEN parameter?
27 ► What is the function of the STEPLIB DD statement?
28 ► How can return codes be tested before execution of a job step?
29 ► What is concatenating?
30 ► How can values be passed from the job stream to an executable program?
31 ► Must tape dataset definitions include VOL=SER specifications?
32 ► What is the function of //JCLLIB statement?
33 ► What parameter of the job statement is used to limit the CPU time consumed by the job?
34 ► What statement marks the beginning of an in-stream or cataloged procedure in JCL and assigns default values to parameters defined in the procedure?
35 ► How can a stopped job be started again?
36 ► In order to continue a job after a return code of 12 in step1, what the step2 EXEC statement include?
37 ► In SMS datasets, what is the function of the DD MGMTCLAS keyword?
38 ► How can the submitting users RACF authority be overridden in a job stream?
39 ► What parameters can be used to limit the number of records written to a SYSOUT dataset?
40 ► What statement can be used to send data to another MVS JES3 node?
41 ► What parameter directs the output of the job log dataset?
42 ► How can a jobs execution priority be modified?
43 ► How can the attributes of one SMS dataset be copied to another dataset?
44 ► What is the function of //CNTL statement?
45 ► If a (+1) generation dataset is created in the first step of a job, how can it be referenced in later steps of the same job for input?
46 ► In SMS datasets, what is the function of the DD AVGREC keyword?

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