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Statics Measures Interview Questions And Answers

Analysis :: Statics Measures Job Interview Questions and Answers

Statics Measures of association Interview Question and Answers will guide us now how to get preparation for the jobs of Statics Measures of association with the help of this Statics Measures of association Interview Question with Answers guide

1 ► What sort of data is appropriate for chi square tests?
2 ► Using a goodness of fit we can test whether a set of obtained frequencies differ from a set of ______ frequencies?
3 ► Which of the following hypotheses would be suited for testing by a one variable chi square test?
4 ► How do we calculate the degrees of freedom for a goodness of fit test?
5 ► You are conducting a one variable chi square test to test the hypothesis that there are equal numbers of vegetarians, meat eaters, and vegans eating at the student union. The categories are vegetarian, meat eaters, and vegans. Having conducted a survey, you found 85 individuals were vegetarian, 122 ate meat, and 32 followed a vegan diet. What would the expected frequencies be in each cell?
6 ► Examine the output on p. 268. How would these results be reported?
7 ► Although in one variable chi square testing each participant cannot be in more than one group, in a 2x2 chi square test, this rule does not apply?
8 ► Which of the below statements is false of chi square testing?
9 ► A fundamental assumption of chi square tests is that no more than ____ % of cells can have an expected frequency of less than?
10 ► If the assumption mentioned in question 10 is not met for a 2x2 chi square test, you should proceed to conducting _________?
11 ► When reporting your results, what elements should you include from the SPSS output?
12 ► What is Cramers V used for?
13 ► You conduct a study exploring whether or not students planned their time and whether or not they submitted their assignment on time, your SPSS output shows a value for Cramers V of 0.42. How would you interpret this?
14 ► What does the Fishers Exact Probability test show?
15 ► For a 2x2 chi square test, which of the following equations would be used to calculate the degrees of freedom?
16 ► Refer back to the example in question 14 which look at submission of essays and time planning. In terms of essay submission, number of early, late and on time students are counted. The number of students who planned their time was also counted, leading to two levels of time planning or not. How would this analysis be described?
17 ► Data for a chi square test should be assumed to have no less than one participant per cell. If there is less than one participant per cell, it is sometimes useful to combine cells together into one category?
18 ► One serious complication associated with the analysis of more than three levels (4 x 5) is?
19 ► Should you use a one-tailed, or a two-tailed hypothesis when doing a chi square test?

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Re: Statics Measures Interview Questions And Answers

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