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BizTalk Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: BizTalk Job Interview Questions and Answers

BizTalk job interview preparation guide. Number of BizTalk frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many BizTalk interviews

1 ► How many Biztalk Components are there?
2 ► I have a receive port and send port whose message types are different.When I receive a message in my receive port,my process starts.I will construct my out message and give this to my send port.I am configuring a send port group to the logical send port.TO the send port group I have added many send ports with filters.The message in the send ports are not getting filtered based on my filters?
3 ► What are convoys?
4 ► In which case you have to use  updategram and stored procedure?
5 ► Define mapping,orchestration, schema, adapters.pipelines, BRE, HAT, BAM?
6 ► What is custom pipeline and the use of custom pipeline? Why and how  we use custom pipeline?
7 ► Can we get messages to Orchestration without using schema?
8 ► How to version your schema?
9 ► What is Message routing and Content routing?
10 ► What are Host and Host Instance? Did you deploy BizTalk more than one machine?
11 ► How to transfer files without using Orchestration?
12 ► In BizTalk development where and how you have to use custom developed .NET components?
13 ► How and why you have to use Active Directory in BizTalk development?
14 ► How to create dynamic ports?
15 ► Source schema has nodes First Name, Last Name and destination schema has node Name. How we can get data at destination so that we can have two instance of Name (without using orchestration)?
16 ► Who is best faculty for BizTalk in Bangalore?
17 ► Can we promote property promotions through Orchestration?
18 ► If we are using single send port in two different host instances then either two copies of message will send or single copy will send to subscribers?
19 ► When we are promote the fields as quick promote then they are stored in property schema,when we promote as distinguished fields then where the fields stored?
20 ► Is there possible to make atomic transaction as two way communication?
21 ► How many ways to restart the host instance in biztalk?
22 ► Why messages are immutable inside Biztalk?
23 ► You have two schemas that need to be represented with the same root node and same namespace or different namespace, is it possible?

2012-04-02 06:22:40

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Re: BizTalk Interview Questions And Answers

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