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Crystal Reports Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: Crystal Reports Job Interview Questions and Answers

Crystal Reports job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean Crystal Reports and get preparation for the job of Crystal Reports

1 ► How to print two details fields at the bottom of the page?
2 ► Is there a way to be able to change an image(company logo) dynamically in a report? Example if you have 100 reports, and with the market uncertainty if you anticipate that the company logo might change, how can you change the image just in one place and have this reflected in all the reports at run time?
3 ► What are field expressions and what are the diff types? (I looked this up in the internet and never found anything with regards to types of field expressions)?
4 ► How to open subreport in New IE window using hyperlink button. I used target=new; in the formula field. But it overrides the main window and show the report?
5 ► Where is the image located, after youve placed it on the report?
6 ► Reports can be optimized for web viewing using which of the following strategies:a. Using subreports instead of linking tablesb. Avoiding mapsc. Using the Page N of M special field to help users understand how many pages are in the reportd. Saving reports as version 10e. Avoiding reports with drill-down capabilities?
7 ► Suppose I am not able to see any image on Crystal Report at Run time. So how can I load any image which is saved in local disk so that it can be viewed at Runtime in Crystal reports?
8 ► When looking at the join types in Crystal - what does it mean when you coose Enforce and Enforce To or Enforce From?
9 ► How to create crystal reports in .net?
10 ► Suppose I have a crystal report with a linked subreport as well. is there any way not to print the current record on the main report if no records are returned from the subreport?
11 ► Can we call or add subreport within subreport?
12 ► Where can we find the log file generated when we run a crystal report?
14 ► Explain reporter footer contents are move depend the page footer values?
15 ► To ensure that all of the data from a field is displayed in a report text object you should do which of the following?a) use the format wizardb) size the text object manuallyc) select the auto format option for the text objectd) select the can grow option for the text objecte)  set the can grow option to the details section of the report
16 ► Why is Excel Report preferred over crystal reports?
17 ► I am developing reports using crystal reports in VS2005 in windows application. I have two crystalreports name called  "studentReport" and "familyReport". I have a form with a button. If I click the button I need to show up the tworeports in one report like page1, and page2. The page1 consists the "studentReport" and the page2 contains the "familyReport". The "familyReport" contains different header and footer.How to show up the two crystal reports in single crystalreportviewer?
18 ► How can we improve the performance of a crystal report? OR What all performance improvement techniques used in crystal reports? (particularly CR XI)?
19 ► How to add Crystal Reports(Standalone) to my VB.NET project?
20 ► How many Sub Reports added in One MainReport?
21 ► Is it possible to export crystal report with linked subreports in one excel sheet? If yes,then how?

2012-04-02 06:22:48

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Re: Crystal Reports Interview Questions And Answers

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