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.Net Architecture Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: DotNet Architecture Job Interview Questions and Answers

.Net Architecture guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of Architecture frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of .Net Architecture interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Architecture Interview Question or answer. Ask Architecture Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

1 ► Explain cache?
2 ► Explain the five stages in a DLX pipeline?
3 ► Explain domestic architecture artifacts?
4 ► Explain cache memory?
5 ► Explain Difference b/w Machine config vs. web configInProcess vs out process session stateState server and sqlserverCookie less session state5. gui programming?
6 ► Explain the race around condition? How can it be overcome?
7 ► Explain hard disk and what is its purpose?
8 ► Explain What does the term "green architecture" mean?
9 ► Explain DMA?
10 ► Explain the difference between primary & secondary storage device?
11 ► How to improve the cache performance?
12 ► Explain The number or character entered through keyboard gets converted to equivalent ASCII code & it get stored on RAM in the binary form. What is the exact procedureon hardware that converts the ASCII value to Binary?
13 ► What is cache coherency and how is it eliminated?
14 ► Explain the types of memory management?
15 ► Explain the difference between L1 and L2 cache?
16 ► Explain different pipelining hazards and how are they eliminated?
17 ► What is the MESI?
18 ► What is an interrupt?
19 ► Explain the purpose of cache? How is it used?
20 ► What is a Virtual Memory?
21 ► Explain write back and write through caches?
22 ► What is a managed code.Is Dim fs as filestreamobject is a managed code?
23 ► Explain pipelining?

2012-04-02 06:23:35

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Re: .Net Architecture Interview Questions And Answers

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