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DataGrid (Grid view) Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: DataGrid (Grid view) Job Interview Questions and Answers

DataGrid (Grid view) Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that DataGrid is a graphical user interface element just like widget that presents a tabular view of data. A typical grid view also supports , Clicking a column header to change the sort order, Dragging column headers to change their size and their order, In-place editing of viewed data, Row and column separators, and alternating row background colors, learn more about DataGrid with this DataGrid Interview Questions Answers Guide

1 ► What is a DataGrid or Grid View?
2 ► What is the difference between the System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGrid and and System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid?
3 ► How do you check whether the row data has been changed?
4 ► Why can not I edit the results of a query in the SQL Editor?
5 ► Why can not I add a new record by hitting the down arrow key in the data tab?
6 ► What is the OCI Buffer Array Size option for in the View - Options - Oracle - General section?
7 ► What is the Clone Cursor Options for on the SaveAs dialogs in the Schema Browser and (SQL) Editor?
8 ► Explain My string data is all coming out as question marks?
9 ► How do I delete a record?
10 ► How can I see the data in nested tables?
11 ► How can I see nested object data?
12 ► How can I see TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL data?
13 ► Why can not I set a style in my XLS SaveAs exports of DataGrid data?
14 ► Why does saving to XLS instance not work sometimes?
15 ► How do I name the tabs when I run a script?
16 ► How do I change the grid popup editor font?
17 ► How do you display an editable drop-down list?
18 ► How do you hide the columns?
19 ► How do you apply specific formatting to the data inside the cells?
20 ► How do you customize the column content inside the datagrid?
21 ► What is
22 ► How to sort the data in Datagrid ? when we use DataBound event of Datagrid, I want to display te data using controls....For an example,If i click a button, which is outside of the datagrid, entire data should be shown. 1st column in TextBoxs. second column in Drop down List Boxs..How to bind the data in Dropdownlist,which is in DataGrid at run time?Row1 Row2 Row3 Row4 ----------------- This is the record in datagrid...When we click button (Bottom of the DataGrid), This Record should be shown...Row1 in TextBox,,, Row2 in TextBox, Row3 in DropDownlistbox, Row4 in TextBox...How to do this one?Which event we should use?
23 ► How to refresh the data in datagrid automatically?
24 ► How to add DateTime Control in ormal DataGrid Server Control?
25 ► How can I view the Chinese and Japanese character sets through Toad?
26 ► How do I copy a whole row or multiple rows of data?
27 ► Why can not I add an entry via the grid for a table containing a CLOB column?
28 ► In DataGrid, is it possible to add rows one by one at runtime. That means after entering data in one row next row will be added?

2012-04-02 06:24:11

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Re: DataGrid (Grid view) Interview Questions And Answers


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