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ASP.Net Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: ASP.Net Programming Job Interview Questions and Answers

ASP.Net Programming Interview Questions And Answers will guide us that ASP.NET is a web application framework developed and marketed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. Learn the basic and advance ASP.Net concepts or get preparation of ASP.Net Jobs Interview with the help of our ASP dot Net Programming Interview Questions and Answers

1 ► What is view state and use of it?
2 ► What are user controls and custom controls?
3 ► What are the validation controls?
4 ► What is the difference between Response.Write() and Response.Output.Write()?
5 ► What methods are fired during the page load? Init()
6 ► Where does the Web page belong in the .NET Framework class hierarchy?
7 ► What is the difference between Codebehind="MyCode.aspx.cs" and Src="MyCode.aspx.cs"?
8 ► What is a bubbled event?
9 ► What data type does the RangeValidator control support?
10 ► What are the different types of caching?
11 ► What do you mean by authentication and authorization?
12 ► What are different types of directives in .NET?
13 ► Can a user browsing my Web site read my Web.config or Global.asax files?
14 ► How do I debug an ASP.NET application that was not written with Visual Studio.NET and that does not use code-behind?
15 ► What is the difference between Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock and Page.RegisterStartupScript?
16 ► Is it necessary to lock application state before accessing it?
17 ► How do I send e-mail from an ASP.NET application?
18 ► What are VSDISCO files?
19 ► How does dynamic discovery work?
20 ► Is it possible to prevent a browser from caching an ASPX page?
21 ► What does AspCompat="true" mean and when should I use it?
22 ► Should validation (did the user enter a real date) occur server-side or client-side? Why?
23 ► What are ASP.NET Web Forms? How is this technology different than what is available though ASP?
24 ► What is the difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect? Why would I choose one over the other?
25 ► How can you provide an alternating color scheme in a Repeater control?
26 ► Which template must you provide, in order to display data in a Repeater control?
27 ► What event handlers can I include in Global.asax?

2012-04-02 06:24:31

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Re: ASP.Net Interview Questions And Answers

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