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Dot Net Assembly Interview Questions And Answers

Microsoft .Net Technologies :: Dot Net Assembly Job Interview Questions and Answers

Dot Net Assembly is a primary unit of deployment in a Microsoft .NET Framework application. It is called as building block of an application which provides all required execution information to common language runtime.
Here we will guide the Dot Net Assembly Interview Questions and Answers to build the strong bases of dot net assembly for better career.

1 ► Define .Net Assembly?
2 ► What does the dot net assembly contain?
3 ► Define private assembly and a shared dot net assembly?
4 ► What are Satellite Assemblies?
5 ► What do you understand by side-by-site execution of assembly?
6 ► How do you create a resource-only assembly?
7 ► Explain how to retrieve resources using ResourceManager class?
8 ► Define Strong Name. How do you apply a strong name to assembly?
9 ► Define Global Assembly Cache in dot net?
10 ► How do you install assembly to the Global Assembly Cache?

2012-04-02 06:24:44

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Re: Dot Net Assembly Interview Questions And Answers

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