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Adobe Flash Interview Questions And Answers

Multimedia :: Adobe Flash Job Interview Questions and Answers

Adobe Flash was previously called Macromedia Flash. This Flash Interview Questions and Answers guide is a platform to learn that Flash is a multimedia a application originally acquired by Macromedia and currently developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. Learn Adbobe Flash by our Flash Interview Questions and Answers.

1 ► What is vector graphic animation?
2 ► Can Flash .swf movies be very time consuming to edit?
3 ► I shoot underwater with a TTL strobe that does not allow you to set flash exposure compensation. How do I set fill flash with this set up?
4 ► The F601/N6006 had a special control to set the fill-flash option on the body; Is there a similar way to set fill levels on the F90x/N90s and SB-28 combo?
5 ► You understand from the SB-25 manual that the built-in, retractable bounce card is meant for use with the flash head in a vertical position?
6 ► It seems that most recommendations for using fill flash talk about using -1.3 to -1.7 stops of flash compensation. This seems like very little flash (compared to the ambient exposure). Would not -.5 or -1 stop be better?
7 ► I shoot underwater with a TTL strobe that does not allow you to set flash exposure compensation. How do I set fill flash with this set up?
8 ► If We set slow sync as you suggest in answers on the many online forums you visit, would not we be opening ourselves up to blurred shots when the shutter speed gets significantly below 1/60?
9 ► Is everyone required Flash Player plugin?
10 ► Can some organizations block Flash movies from being received through the Internet?
11 ► Explain the Flash vs. Animated Images and Java Applets?
12 ► Who can View Flash?
13 ► Who can Create Flash Movies?
14 ► Where to Start the Adobe Flash?
15 ► How to embed Flash in HTML?
16 ► What is Flash Tweening?
17 ► What is default frame rate of the time line in frame per second?
18 ► What is the effect on the instances of a symbol if the symbol itself is changed?
19 ► What is the key purpose of using layers in a timeline?
20 ► Which of the following is the recommended character to use to separate target level paths levels?
21 ► If the oilpump movie clip instance in path uses the following line of actionscript, _parent.someAction;, which movie clip instance is being referenced?
22 ► How many levels does Flash MX support?
23 ► In which level does the original movie resides?
24 ► What happens if an .swf is loaded into a already occupied level?
25 ► What are the correct statements consenting text field? (Choose Two)?
26 ► What is the function of trace?
27 ► Which statement concerning symbol instance statements are correct? (Choose Two)?
28 ► What is the advantage of progressive video download?
29 ► What methods are used to pass variables out of flash to a server side solution? (Choose Three)?
30 ► What is needed when using static text to have font outline embedded in SWF file?
31 ► A button instance is named circle_btn. Actionscript is placed on the main timeline so that the button is clicked a movie clip instance named rec_mc s width is changed to 100?
32 ► Which of the following charactor can be added to the identifire mylengthyvariable, to make it more redable?
33 ► What should be used in the name of constant?
34 ► What should be inferred by a variable named birthPlace_str?
35 ► Which of the following is most likely a class constructor?
36 ► The value of a variable of timeline scope will persist until:
37 ► To create a new global variable, birthyear, with an initial value 1968, the following code should be used:
38 ► To manually dispose of the variable myVar, the following code should used to prevent memory leaks:
39 ► Which of the following is not a valid function name:
40 ► Which of the following is NOT a true statement about functions?
41 ► Function can be assigned to identiires at runtime. Assuming sampleVar equals true, what will be returned by the following function?
42 ► Which of the following if statement is correctly writen?
43 ► In which of the situations bellow would it be best to use a switch statement?
44 ► Assuming myVar equals "fish", what will be treced by the following code block?
45 ► What is the key difference between while loops and do while loops?
46 ► Which of the following statements uses proper for loop syntax?
47 ► To what does object drawing model refer?
48 ► Which two statements about device fonts are true? (Choose two)?
49 ► Which code should be added to create a second blue square to the right of thefirst?
50 ► Which two TextField events can be captured to trigger scripts to run? (Choosetwo)?
51 ► Which two sets the x position of the instance my_mc to that of the mouse cursor? (Choose two)?
52 ► What is the purpose of the break statement?
53 ► What is the output of the following code?
54 ► What appears in the Output window after executing this ActionScript on the first frame of a movie?
55 ► Which ActionScript classes are used to play FLV formatted video?
56 ► You have a rectangle shape with rounded corners. You want to ensure that the corners doNOT distort when the rectangle is scaled. What should you do?
57 ► You are creating a form that will fade out when the user submits it. What must you do to with the text fields to ensure that text entered by the user will fade out?
58 ► Which is the quickest way to make the stroke around an oval shape into a dotted line?
59 ► Which two panels can be used to change the label text of a Button component? (Choose two)?
60 ► You want to skin Flash CS3 components. What should you do?
61 ► Which two are symbol options when converting an object into a symbol? (Choose two)?
62 ► What happens when you drag an object created with the Oval tool to the Library panel?
63 ► Which two file formats can be imported into a SWF file at runtime? (Choose two)?
64 ► You want to create a Rectangle shape with a defined corner radius. Which tool should you use?
65 ► You have a dynamically loaded image that is larger than your stage. Which componentwould work best to accommodate this image?
66 ► Which text anti-aliasing property setting will result in the smallest SWF file size?
67 ► Which is an advantage of selecting a Flash Player version in Publish Settings beforebeginning a project?
68 ► You are creating a project for the FlashLite player. You are concerned with the processorcapabilities of the device. Which graphic asset would require the most processing power on the player?
69 ► User accessibility on your video project is a key factor. Which two features should youchoose? (Choose two)?
70 ► Your company logo is available in the following formats: Illustrator, JPG, PNG, GIF andPSD. Which format would give you the most options within your Flash project?
71 ► You have a video project that would best be served by using full screen mode. This needs to be done from within the browser, since you are NOT able to use a projector. Which publish settings should you use?
72 ► Which is NOT a benefit when adding a title in the Document Properties?
73 ► What is the key problem with the following line of code?
74 ► Whitch of the following of code will return "Video" from the following code block?
75 ► What best describes what is happening to the new object being created in the following line of code?
76 ► Tell the difference between indexed array and associative array?
77 ► In which of the following situations would it be best to use the Coordinated Universal time (UTC) when using a Date object?
78 ► Which of the following is not true about Capabilities object?
79 ► What is the primary purpose of the stage object?
80 ► In general, ,non-MP3 digital audio destined to be imported into the Flash MX authoring environment should first be compressed how much?
81 ► Which of the following is not true about FLV files?
82 ► Which of the following methods can be used to determine if a microphone or a camera is installed on the users machine?
83 ► Which of the following statements best describes an event handler?
84 ► Which of the following methods is most likely an event handler?
85 ► Which of the following is a true statement about custom event handlers?
86 ► What is the downside of Macromedia UI components making extensive use of ingeritance and encapsulation?
87 ► Which ActionScript method should be used to bring a component from the library to the stage?
88 ► Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using Macromedias pre-built UI components:
89 ► Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of using the fscommand?
90 ► Which of the following is the best reason for using the getURL command, instead of the fscommand, when communicating with the host application?
91 ► Which of the following is the correct way to create an alert box using getURL and JavaScript?
92 ► What will be the result of the following line of ActionScript?
93 ► The class that is inheritingt another is known as the:
94 ► For methods within objects,what does the keyword this specifically refer to?
95 ► Which of the following lines of code will create a new object named myObj?
96 ► Which of the following method is best for removing an object(e.g.,myObj) from memory?
97 ► Which of the following statements is true about ActionScript in regards to the enforcement of private scope and public scope?
98 ► Which of the following is NOT a good idea when working with methods:
99 ► Which statement best describes a property:
100 ► Which of the following lines of code will create an object instance of the organism class?
101 ► Which statement best describes what the #initclip num and #endinitclip commands indicate?
102 ► Which keyword is used to attach methods and properties to a class?
103 ► Which of the following is the key advantage of Flash being a true clientside application?
104 ► When should one generally use the POST method instead of the GET method?
105 ► Where is the data pulled by a load variables function stored?
106 ► Which of the following is the key advantage of using Loadvars instead of Loadvariables?
107 ► Which of the following is not true about Document Type Definitions (DTDs)?
108 ► What does the childNodes property contain?
109 ► What is the primary difference between the XML.sendAndLoad method and the XML.load method?
110 ► Which of the following is not true about the XML. ignoreWhite property?
111 ► Which of the following is not a true statement about HTTP?
112 ► Which of the following is not a true statement about the XMLSocket object?
113 ► How does an XMLSocket server know when a received message is complete?
114 ► Which of the following steps is not required in order to test or deploy Flash Remoting?
115 ► Which of the following external ActionScript files must you #include in your movie in order to use Flash Remoting?
116 ► Flash Remoting cannot do which of the following?
117 ► Which of the following assumptions cannot be made when developing an application for intranet deployment?
118 ► Which of the following is the most important factor in determining the compatibility of your application?
119 ► Which of the following is not a typical host application for the Flash Player?
120 ► Which of the following cannot be automatically outputted by the trace action?
121 ► Which of the following is not a result of exporting a movie for a debug build?
122 ► Which of the following is not an effective means of developing applications that are easy to debug?
123 ► Which of the following is not a key benefit of usability testing?
124 ► At which point can you start usability testing?
125 ► Which of the following is not a guideline for conducting effective usability testing?
126 ► What is generally considered the ideal group size for usability testing?
127 ► When does the Accessibility . isActive () method return true?
128 ► Which of the following items cannot be hidden from screen readers?
129 ► Which of the following properties can be used to control the order in which the user can tab through the elements in a Flash movie?
130 ► You have a TextField selected on stage and would like to separate each letter into its own TextField. Which option under the Modify menu allows you to do this?
131 ► Which of hte following methods provedes the most controlled printing of Flash content?
132 ► Which of the following is NOT a true statement about the Print action?

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