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Industrial Management Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: Industrial Management Job Interview Questions and Answers

Industrial Management job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean Industrial Management and get preparation for the job of Industrial Management

1 ► What are the difference between make to stoke and make to order strategies?
2 ► What does OEM mean & Who is an OEM, explain with detailed examples?
3 ► An indian garment manufactures mission is to become the largest mens shirt provider in the world. Its CEO feels that this is possible only if they apply lean management techniques across the extended enterprises ,covering all their supplier and dealer partner. what are the neccessary five essential requirements to sucessfully achieve such extended entrprises wide lean management?
4 ► What do you mean by ethical dilemmas? Describe the frameworks for resolving ethical dilemmas?
5 ► Explain Difference between MPP & MRP?
6 ► What is Return PO(Purchase Oreder)?
7 ► Explain the Modern Theory of International Trade. How is it an improvement over the Classical theory?
8 ► What are the major problems faced by developing countries in promoting their exports? Suggest some solutions to these problems?
9 ► a. State the basic elements of an export sales contract.b. What is a TNC? Why do firms become transnational?
10 ► What do you mean by Balance of Payments? Explain the relationship between the balance of payments and the exchange rates of a country, giving suitable illustrations in support of your answer?
11 ► A. Do you think there is a need for multilateral investment agreement? Give reasons.B. Distinguish between Foreign Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment?
12 ► What is ABC analysis?
13 ► A. Differentiate between TRIPs and TRIMs. State the items prohibited in TRIMs.B. Briefly describe Indias policy on import of technology?
14 ► what is the main cause of recession in present time?
15 ► What is logistics? list about what is work of logistics supervisor?
16 ► What is logistics?list about logistics works!
17 ► Why are you changing so frequently?
18 ► 1. what is the process of purchasing materials in manufacturing company ?2. What is the difference b/w invoice and Purchase order?3. How to select,to purchase the best product/material in manufacturing industry?
19 ► why not India so effected than other EU countries in Late 2000s Recession?
20 ► 1. What is non moving items?2. What is slow moving items?3. What is fast moving items?
21 ► What are the metrics followed by a stores manager to control Inventory?
22 ► What is MIS?
23 ► How know bearing id od through bearing name?
24 ► What are the duties of Manager?

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Re: Industrial Management Interview Questions And Answers

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