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Maximum Total Marks:

In a school the periodical examination are held every second month. In a session during April 2001 - March 2002, a student of Class IX appeared for each of the periodical exams. The aggregate marks obtained by him in each perodical exam are represented in the line-graph given below.
Marks Obtained by student in Six Periodical Held in Every Two Months During the Year in the Session 2001 - 2002.
Maximum Total Marks in each Periodical Exam = 500

In which periodical exams there is a fall in percentage of marks as compared to the previous periodical exams?

Option A):
Oct, 01
Option B):
June, 01
Option C):
Feb, 02
Option D):

Correct Answer is Option D):

As is clear from the graph, the total marks obtained in periodical exams, go on increasing. Since, the maximum marks for all the periodical exams are the same; it implies that the percentage of marks also goes on increasing.
Thus, in none of the periodical exams, there is a fall in percentage of marks compared to the previous exam.

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2015-05-22 10:14:34

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Re: Maximum Total Marks:

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