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Project Management Professional (PMP) Interview Questions And Answers

Management :: Project Management Professional (PMP) Job Interview Questions and Answers

PMP (Project Management Professional) Interview Questions and Answers will teach you now that Project Management Professional (PMP) is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). As of 31 July 2010 (2010 -07-31), there were 393,413 active PMP certified individuals worldwide. Over 4,300 individuals a month, since September 2006, have obtained a PMP certification. Get preparation for the Job of PMP with the help of this PMP Interview Questions with Answers  guide

1 ► If a project Manager calls for a meeting with the project team to review the knowledge gained from previous projects, in what manner is the team involved?
2 ► Through which channel, a perfect communication can take place between the project team member and the Project Manager?
3 ► If a Project Manager Places a purchase order for an equipment, which of the following will represent it?
4 ► What are the major processes involved in the management of project integration?
5 ► Which one of the following is not essential in creating an effective stakeholder management?
6 ► Which of the following is more efficient in handling complex projects involving cross-disciplinary efforts?
7 ► Point out the tools that are used as effective means in procurement planning?
8 ► In which particular phase do the project sponsors have the greatest influence on the quality, scope, time and cost of the project?
9 ► Which of the following project management tools cannot be use by a project management professional in comparing earned value performance data?
10 ► The purpose of decomposition process is to construct:
11 ► Explain How to tell the team about his past work performance?
12 ► Explain What are the functions of Project Management Tool?
13 ► Explain How do you assign tasks to the team?
14 ► As a project manager when you conduct interview of any tech person or developer, how you can judge his/ her tech skills and ability?
15 ► How to be a successful project manager and how to deliver successful products . This is not only a project management interview question but a great skill too. Please answer?
16 ► What are benefits of delivering product continuously to customer? And why to deliver partial version of product first?
17 ► As a project manager how you can deliver the product in less time means as soon as possible?
18 ► Customer or Development Team. Which one is important for a project manager?How can you balance between two?

2012-04-02 06:30:28

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Re: Project Management Professional (PMP) Interview Questions And Answers

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