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JUnit Interview Questions And Answers

Software Testing :: JUnit Job Interview Questions and Answers

JUnit Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. JUnit has been important in the development of test-driven development, and is one of a family of unit testing frameworks collectively known as xUnit that originated with SUnit. So learn JUnit by this JUnit Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What Is JUnit?
2 ► Where Do You Download JUnit?
3 ► Who Should Use JUnit, Developers or Testers?
4 ► Why Do You Use JUnit to Test Your Code?
5 ► How Do You Install JUnit?
6 ► How To Wirte a Simple JUnit Test Class?
7 ► How To Compile a JUnit Test Class?
8 ► How To Run a JUnit Test Class?
9 ► What CLASSPATH Settings Are Needed to Run JUnit?
10 ► How Do I Run JUnit Tests from Command Window?
11 ► How Do You Uninstall JUnit?
12 ► How To Write a JUnit Test Method?
13 ► Can You Provide a List of Assertion Methods Supported by JUnit 4.4?
14 ► Why Does Poeple Import org.junit.Assert Statically?
15 ► What Is the @SuiteClasses Annotation?
16 ► Why Not Just Use a Debugger for Unit Testing?
17 ► Why Not Just Write a main() Method for Unit Testing?
18 ► Why Not Just Use System.out.println() for Unit Testing?
19 ► Under What Conditions Should You Test set() and get() Methods?
20 ► Do You Need to Write a Test Class for Every Class That Need to Be Tested?
21 ► What Is JUnit TestCase?
22 ► How to Run Your JUnit 4.4 Tests with a JUnit 3.8 Runner?
23 ► What Are JUnit 3.8 Naming Conventions?
24 ► How Many Test Runners Are Supported in JUnit 3.8?
25 ► What Is a JUnit Test Fixture?
26 ► Can You Explain the Life Cycle of a JUnit 3.8 Test Case Class?
27 ► How To Write Setup Code to Run Once for All Tests in a Test Class?
28 ► Can You Explain the Life Cycle of a JUnit 4.4 Test Class?
29 ► How To Group Test Cases Class using JUnit TestSuite?
30 ► How Do You Test a private Method?
31 ► How Do You Test a protected Method?
32 ► Can You Write a Simple Class for JUnit Testing in 1 Minute?
33 ► How Do You Test Classes That Must Be Run in a J2EE Container?
34 ► How to creating a Test Suite using JUnit in Eclipse?
35 ► Can You Describe Steps of Creating Test Case Classes in Eclipse?
36 ► How to Run a JUnit Test Case in Eclipse?
37 ► How To Create Test Class in Eclipse?
38 ► How simple is too simple to break?
39 ► What Do You Do When a Defect Is Reported?
40 ► How Often Should You Run Your JUnit Tests?
41 ► Do You Have To Write a Test for Everything?
42 ► When Objects Are Garbage Collected After a Test Is Executed?
43 ► How Do You Test a Method That Does not Return Anything?
44 ► When Should Unit Tests Should Be Written In Development Cycle?
45 ► How Do You Launch a Debugger When a Test Fails?

2012-04-02 13:14:54

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Re: JUnit Interview Questions And Answers

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