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WinRunner Interview Questions And Answers

Software Testing :: WinRunner  Job Interview Questions and Answers

WinRunner Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that HP/Mercury Interactive WinRunner is an automated functional GUI testing tool that allows a user to record and play back UI interactions as test scripts. As a Functional test suite, it works together with HP QuickTest Professional and supports enterprise quality assurance. It captures, verifies and replays user interactions automatically, so you can identify defects and determine whether business processes work as designed.

1 ► How do you handle TSL exceptions?
2 ► How do you handle pop-up exceptions?
3 ► How do you handle unexpected events and errors?
4 ► What are the three modes of running the scripts?
5 ► WITHOUT the GUI map, use the phy desc directly?
6 ► How to get the resolution settings?
7 ► How to have winrunner insert yesterdays date into a field in the application?
8 ► How can withwin runner to make single scripts which supports multiple languages?
9 ► How to force WR to learn the sub-items on a menu?
10 ► How to check property of specific Icon is highlighted or not?
11 ► BitMap or GUI Checkpoints
12 ► How to to get the information from the status bar without doing any activity/click on the hyperlink?
13 ► Text Field Validations
14 ► How to break infinite loop
15 ► User-defined function that would write to the Print-log as well as write to a file
16 ► How to do text matching?
17 ► the MSW_id value sometimes changes, rendering the GUI map useless
18 ► What is Boundary Test?
19 ► How do you find an object in an GUI map?
20 ► What different actions are performed by find and show button?
21 ► How do you identify which files are loaded in the GUI map?
22 ► How do you modify the logical name or the physical description of the objects in GUI map?
23 ► When do you feel you need to modify the logical name?
24 ► When it is appropriate to change physical description?
25 ► How WinRunner handles varying window labels?
26 ► What is the purpose of regexp_label property and regexp_MSW_class property?
27 ► How does WinRunner evaluates test results?
28 ► Have you created test scripts and what is contained in the test scripts?
29 ► How does WinRunner recognize objects on the application?
30 ► What is contained in the GUI map?
31 ► Explain WinRunner testing process?
32 ► Have you used WinRunner in your project?
33 ► What is the purpose of GUI spy?
34 ► How do you make the configuration and mappings permanent?
35 ► What is the purpose of GUI map configuration?
36 ► How do you configure GUI map?
37 ► How do you filter the objects in the GUI map?
38 ► How do you clear a GUI map files?
39 ► How do you select multiple objects during merging the files?
40 ► How do you copy and move objects between different GUI map files?
41 ► How do you suppress a regular expression?
42 ► What is the different between GUI map and GUI map files?
43 ► If the object does not have a name then what will be the logical name?
44 ► What do you mean by the logical name of the object.
45 ► What are the reasons that WinRunner fails to identify an object on the GUI?
46 ► What is the purpose of loading WinRunner Add-Ins?
47 ► What are the different modes of recording?
48 ► How you integrated your automated scripts from TestDirector?
49 ► What is the use of Test Director software?
50 ► What do you verify with the GUI checkpoint for single property and what command it generates, explain syntax?
51 ► How do you maintain the document information of the test scripts?
52 ► What is parameterizing?
53 ► What are the synchronization points?
54 ► What are data driven tests?
55 ► What is a checkpoint and what are different types of checkpoints?
56 ► Have you performed debugging of the scripts?
57 ► How do you run your test scripts?
58 ► How do you analyze results and report the defects?
59 ► What is the purpose of different record methods 1) Record 2) Pass up 3) As Object 4) Ignore.?
60 ► How do you find out which is the start up file in WinRunner?
61 ► What are the two modes of recording?
62 ► How do you view the contents of the GUI map?
63 ► What information is contained in the checklist file and in which file expected results are stored?
64 ► How do you handle dynamically changing area of the window in the bitmap checkpoints?
65 ► What do you verify with the database check point custom and what command it generates, explain syntax?
66 ► What do you verify with the sync point for object/window bitmap and what command it generates, explain syntax?
67 ► What is the extension of gui map file?

2012-04-02 13:14:59

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Re: WinRunner Interview Questions And Answers

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