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General Aptitude Interview Questions And Answers

Education and Science :: General Aptitude Job Interview Questions and Answers

General Aptitude job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean General Aptitude and get preparation for the job of General Aptitude

1 ► 10 years ago, the average age of a family of 4 members was 24 years. Tow children having been born (with age difference of 2 years), the present average age of the family is thesame. The present age of the youngest child is:
2 ► Explain 2-[2-{2-2-2}]?
3 ► A man leaves office daily at 7pm A driver with car comes from his home to pick him from office and bring back home One day he gets free at 5:30 and instead of waiting for driver he starts walking towards home. In the way he meets the car and returns home on car He reaches home 20 minutes earlier than usual. In how much time does the man reach home usually?
4 ► If A earns Rs.450 monthly salary and increment of Rs.25 yearly, similarly B earns Rs.600 salary monthly and Rs.20 increment. when does A earn more than  B?
5 ► What is the  pattern for MAQ Software company?
6 ► What is the next number in the series 3,26,15,124,?
7 ► In town of 500 people, 285 read Hindu and 212 read Indian express and 127read Times of India 20read Hindu and times of India and 29 read hindu and Indian express and 35 read times of India andIndian express. 50 read no news paper. Then how many read only one paper?
8 ► A monkey climbs a 52 - m smooth pole. It climbs 6 m up in one minute and slips 2 m down in every alternate minute. How long will it take to reach the top of the pole?
9 ► What is difference between goal and aim?
10 ► What is ETP?
11 ► Where is Himalaya?
12 ► You have 5 jars of pills. Each pill weighs 10 gram, except for contaminated pills contained in one jar, where each pill weighs 9 gm. Given a scale, how could you tell which jar had the contaminated pills in just one measurement?
13 ► One train leaves Los Angeles at 15mph heading for New York. Another train leaves from New York at 20mph heading for Los Angeles on the same track. If a bird, flying at 25mph, leaves from Los Angeles at the same time as the train and flies back and forth between the two trains until they collide, how far will the bird have traveled?
14 ► A square is to circle as cube is to?
15 ► Success is to failure as joy is to?
16 ► If a man stands in front of sun what is the first letter of the direction which is left to him?
17 ► Find the least number which when divided by 7 gives the reminder 6, when divided by 6 gives reminder 5, when divided by 5 gives reminder 4 and so on?
18 ► In a class 80% have passed in English, 70% passed Hindi, 10% didnt pass either. If 144 students passed both the subjects. What is the total strength of the class?
19 ► 3. 1, 3, 5, 7, __?
20 ► 0, 7, 26, 63, 124, __?
21 ► A persons salary is getting reduced by 20%. What percentage should be added to get back his original salary?
22 ► Oshkosh did a study of the colors used in African national flags. He found that 38 flags have red, 20 have blue, 13 have both red and blue, and 8 have neither red nor blue. How many flagsa. have red but not blue?b. have blue but not red?c. were included in the study?
23 ► what is the diode?

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