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General Science Interview Questions And Answers

Education and Science :: General Science Job Interview Questions and Answers

General Science Interview Questions and Answers will teach you now that General Science is an enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the natural world. An older meaning still in use today is that of Aristotle, for whom scientific knowledge was a body of reliable knowledge that can be logically and convincingly explained. Learn and get job preparation of the General Science with this Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► Tomorrows weather forecast report for Venus would be:
2 ► A monitor is rated as 640x480x256 (pronounced 640 by 480 by 256). What does the 256 stand for:
3 ► An autoclave is designed to sterilize with:
4 ► Using the binary system, a 1 kilobyte file contains how many bytes:
5 ► Water covers what percent of the earths surface?
6 ► With few exceptions, a computer infestation program that can replicate by attaching itself to other programs is called a:
7 ► Which of the following correctly describes STP:
8 ► A typical CD-ROM can hold a maximum of about how much data?
9 ► TCP/IP is an example of:
10 ► Which of the following fluids at room temperature will cool a ½ inch thick piece of hot steel the fastest:
11 ► Which of the following is NOT true concerning electric cars:
12 ► Typically, printers are connected to which of the following ports:
13 ► A quick and simple method commonly used to inspect whether a metal is stainless steel is to:
14 ► Which of the following is NOT commonly thought of as an output device:
15 ► Ultimately, the character of the pixel which is primarily responsible for the resolution of a CRT is:
16 ► Photobiology is the branch of science which is basically concerned with:
17 ► Which of the following would be a measurement of a computer screen’s dot pitch:
18 ► Which of the following is most specifically designed to measure low temperatures:
19 ► Which of the following would be a measurement of a typical printers resolution:
20 ► The ARPANET was an example of a:
21 ► In the tempering of steel tools, the process of rapidly cooling the tool is called:
22 ► A double sided, double layered DVD designed under todays specifications, has a top storage capacity of:
23 ► Which of the following is responsible for the changing of the seasons in North America:
24 ► Which of the following most closely approximates the weight of a 1999 United States nickel:
25 ► An experiment is testing whether a certain water-based plant fertilizer helps plants grow better. The experimental group contains plants that are given 20 milliliters of the fertilizer per day. Which of the following would be the best control in this experiment:
26 ► Why should you periodically defragment the hard drive:
27 ► Which of the following is the name for a rotating machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by an armature rotating in a field produced by permanent magnets:
28 ► Which of the following is a standard datatype for Java, but not for standard C:
29 ► Which of the following is true about Java versus C language:
30 ► What percentage of the worlds ice is in Antarctica?
31 ► If each of the following woods were seasoned to an equally low water content, which would release the most heat per cord when burned?
32 ► Which of the following is NOT an example of systems software:
33 ► At small apertures or high f stops, a single lens reflex camera will have which of the following properties:
34 ► The SI prefix for the quantity 1015 is:
35 ► Flying in which of the following directions:
36 ► Which of the following is NOT an example of a programming language:
37 ► A mixture of turpentine, ether, camphor gum, and powdered emory, was historically used for which of the following:
38 ► Which of the following is NOT true about JAVA:
39 ► The term empirical is most accurately described as a conclusion based on:
40 ► The Skinner Box has been most extensively used in the evaluation and study of which of the following:
41 ► Which of the following explains why a sailboat can sail into the wind:
42 ► The global address of documents and other resources on the World Wide Web is called the:
43 ► As more of the water turns into ice, the temperature of the remaining liquid in a vessel:
44 ► Which was the first Intel microprocessor introduced in 1982 to break the 1 megabyte limit?
45 ► What psychiatrist coined the psychiatric terms id, ego, and superego:
46 ► What is the name, coined by John McCarthy in 1956, of the branch of GENERAL SCIENCE concerned with making computers behave like humans:
47 ► What are the 6th, 7th, and 8th letters of the Greek alphabet?
48 ► In operating systems which support PnP, the PnP stands for:
49 ► The most common connection point on the motherboard whereby new peripheral devices, such as printers, drives and monitors, can be connected through their respective interface cards is called:
50 ► The WHO is the abbreviated name for what international scientific organization?
51 ► What type of balance is used for measuring forces of very small magnitudes by how much twist they cause in a fiber or wire?
52 ► What is the field of GENERAL SCIENCE that deals with designing computer systems that can recognize spoken words:
53 ► What is the de facto standard protocol for establishing connections over networks:
54 ► Severe annual crop damage to corn is caused by this fungus, which belongs to the order Ustiliginales:
55 ► What does USB stand for?
56 ► Predicting data values on a graph that fall between two points is most typically referred to as:
57 ► The emerald is the green crystalline form of what common mineral?
58 ► What are the 7 colors that Newton used to describe the visible light spectrum:
59 ► What does the acronym CPU stand for?
60 ► Iron pyrite is more popularly called:
61 ► In 1546, Frascatorius, by studying epidemics of plague and syphilis, compiled an impressive body of evidence to show disease was transmitted from person to person and is therefore considered to have founded what branch of science?
62 ► What does the acronym LCD stand for?
63 ► What two Federal scientific agencies are responsible for the general administration of the human genome project?
64 ► When an ideal line is extended into a region beyond where data exists on a graph, it is most typically called:
65 ► The second stroke in a four stroke engine is most commonly referred to as the:
66 ► Who was the first president of the International Psychoanalysis Association who theorized that the shadow archetype consists of animal instincts:
67 ► What is the substance fresh coal becomes after heat has driven off all the elements that give off smoke and yellow flames, and the remaining substance then yields only a blue flame:
68 ► Which federal agency is primarily in charge of our National Laboratories and is charged with ensuring a stable supply of energy for the nation?
69 ► What is the term for the error of a compass as a consequence of the difference between magnetic North and true North?
70 ► What does the D in DRAM stand for?
71 ► At what temperature, rounded off to whole degrees Centigrade, does distilled water reach its maximum density at sea level?
72 ► What is a common type of video card that has an onboard processor that can substantially increase speed and boost graphical and video performance:
73 ► What is the general name of the unusual infectious agents that causes spongiform encephalopathy (pronounced:EN-seff-alop- o-thee)?
74 ► In optical resolution terminology, dpi is often used. What does dpi stand for?
75 ► This term is used by scientists when referring to the belief that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct explanation?
76 ► What is the network device used to regenerate or replicate a signal over the same medium and is used to regenerate analog or digital signals distorted by transmission loss:
77 ► What Clark University physics professor was an American pioneer of rocket theory after whom a major NASA space center is named?
78 ► The most common recommended method for calibrating a 1 milliliter automatic pipette gun would be to do what?
79 ► What is the largest WAN in existence today?
80 ► Juglans nigra is the genus and species of what common name tree, whose wood is prized for its qualities in furniture making:
81 ► A term coined by Jack Niles in the early 1970s to describe an office where workers can work at home on a computer and transmit data and documents to a central office via telephone lines, is:
82 ► What is the largest possible 8 bit binary number?
83 ► Order the following from the SMALLEST unit of distance to the LARGEST:
84 ► No reported cases of this pervasive and deadly disease has been reported in the western hemisphere for over two decades and it is believed to be nearly eliminated from the Earth:
85 ► A common type of RAM that is a small battery-backed memory that stores configuration settings is called:
86 ► Air on Earth consists mainly of three gases. Give their percent composition rounded off to the nearest whole number:
87 ► What were the two most valuable products derived from the tree Castanea americana?
88 ► There are several types of these systems commonly used in intranets designed to prevent unauthorized access by internet users to or from a private network:
89 ► Order the following elements in dry weight per cent make-up in the human body, from the HIGHEST percent to the LOWEST percent content: Calcium; Nitrogen; Carbon; Magnesium:

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Re: General Science Interview Questions And Answers

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