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Geography Interview Questions And Answers

Education and Science :: Geography Job Interview Questions and Answers

Geography Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Geography is the study of the Earth and Earth lands, features, inhabitants, and Earth Geographical phenomena. An exact translation of Geography would be "to describe or write about the Earth". Learn Geography by Geography Interview Questions and Answers. Get Geography Jobs Interview preparation with our simple basic and advance Geography Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

1 ► What is the hottest place on earth?
2 ► What are decomposers in a temperate deciduous forest?
3 ► What is a floodplain?
4 ► What is relative location?
5 ► Where is Norge?
6 ► What is a Green resort?
7 ► Why is the population density different in various parts of the world?
8 ► For the intermediate directions, why is north and south listed first?
9 ► What is the closest capital to the equator?
10 ► What is the easiest way to remember compass directions?
11 ► How is a rural community different from an urban community?
12 ► Where in the world is Bonnee?
13 ► Describe the features of Moai?
14 ► Where is the longest bar in the world?
15 ► Where are bogs found?
16 ► What is the general locations world wide for the humid tropical climate?
17 ► What is a Map Locator?
18 ► Which is the sugar bowl of the world?
19 ► What are some things you could use to help us locate places on the map?
20 ► What is the lowest spot on earth that you can visit?
21 ► An imaginary line from which other meridians are measured the degree is 0 of the line?
22 ► Is there more land mass above or below the equator?
23 ► What is the definition of a peninsula?
24 ► What are the four types of vegetation?
25 ► How far is the ocean horizon line from the shore eye view?
26 ► What are the places named after the Virgin Mary?
27 ► What is the difference between a natural boundary and a political boundary?
28 ► What are different types of map projections?
29 ► Are all places along the equator warm why?
30 ► What is nationalism?
31 ► What is Elsie?
32 ► Why are the oceans salty?
33 ► Is there a country that is dark all day?
34 ► How do social scientists define a country?
35 ► What is the name of the line that separates the Earth into east and west?
36 ► Who invented the latitudes and longitudes and the grid system?
37 ► What is the meaning of cultural hearth?
38 ► What is the definition of urbanization?
39 ► What is the optimum angle of declination?
40 ► What is the height of Powerscourt Falls in hectometers?
41 ► What is the name of Earths driest desert?
42 ► What is Geography?
43 ► What instrument is used to find Earths length?
44 ► What is the difference between a sea and an ocean?
45 ► What is it Latitude and Longitude at Beijing?
46 ► What flat topped rock or hill formation with steep sides?
47 ► What is the formula for calculating population density?
48 ► Which meridian did the International Date Line follows?
49 ► What make ice melt at the end of an ice age?
50 ► What is the longitude and latitude of the Amazon Rain forest?
51 ► Are there underground cities in the US?
52 ► At what longitude does the prime meridian lie?
53 ► What is the use of geographical coordinates?
54 ► What does physical geography mean?
55 ► What countries are in Equatorial Africa?
56 ► What is the prime meridian?
57 ► What is the imaginary line that runs through South America called?
58 ► What are the areas not countries that are included in the South America continent?
59 ► What are the three main bodies of water that surround Ireland?
60 ► How are Fold Mountains formed?
61 ► What is an upland forest?
62 ► What is the total surface area of Earth?
63 ► What would the world be like without forests?
64 ► What are the major landforms in Barbados?
65 ► During which season are the days shortest?
66 ► What is the latitude and longitude of Ontario?
67 ► How does building hotels affect the planet?
68 ► Who is the father of modern geography?
69 ► Where is the lowest place in the United States above ground?
70 ► What is the river that flows on the border between Devon and Cornwall?
71 ► What is the average time zone?
72 ► Why the two ways Polar Regions and deserts are alike?
73 ► What crops do they grow in Madagascar?
74 ► What is the relevance of zoo geographical region in relation to taxonomy?
75 ► What is the distance of the equator?
76 ► What is the name of the highest mountain region in Florida?
77 ► What is an executive capital city?
78 ► What is bauxite?
79 ► What are solutions to deforestation?
80 ► What are cold and warm currents?
81 ► What island runs between Alaska and extend toward Asia?
82 ► Which country in Europe has the lowest population?
83 ► What country borders Denmark?
84 ► Were there humans during the Cenozoic Era?
85 ► Where are the ending points of the prime meridian?
86 ► What is the difference between magnetic and geographical North?
87 ► What treasures did ancient Egyptians keep in the tombs?
88 ► What is the second largest desert in Africa that is partly in Botswana?
89 ► Which country do you pass through when driving from Seattle Washington to anchorage Alaska?
90 ► Why do two circles of latitude never touch?
91 ► Where is the inhabited place with the least amount of rainfall and which country is it in?
92 ► Which New England State does not border the Atlantic Ocean?
93 ► Why is it warmer in winter near the equator than it is in summer at the North Pole?
94 ► What are conventional symbols?
95 ► What are the fastest growing states in population?
96 ► How many hours of daylight exist on the equator?
97 ► What are names of the dams on river Nile?
98 ► What was the German immigration route to America?
99 ► What is the capital of Paraguay?
100 ► Is Ireland part of Great Britain?
101 ► What is the name of the sand dunes in NC?

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