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Advanced Java Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: Advanced Java Job Interview Questions and Answers

Advanced Java job interview preparation guide. Number of Advanced Java frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Advanced Java interviews

1 ► What we can not do in jdbc but can do hibernate?
2 ► Java is fully object oriented languages or not? Why?
3 ► If i learn Java, what kind of applications can i create that will help Banking, Retail, Hotel, Logistics industry?
4 ► What is difference between object state and behavior?
5 ► Can we have more than one action servlet?
6 ► Why use a datasource when you can directly specify a connection details? (in a J2EE application)?
7 ► If I define a method in JSP scriplet <%..%>, where will it go after translation into a servlet?
8 ► How will the struts know which action class to call when you submit a form?
9 ► Will it be called overriding if I do not change the parameters or return type, instead throw a different exception in the method signature?
10 ► Does Java pass arguments by value or reference?
11 ► Different between Struts and Spring? or Why use Spring, if you are already using Struts?
12 ► Explain what is synchronization?
13 ► Write a program to show synchronization?
14 ► Explain what is orm?
15 ► Write a singleton program?
16 ► What is IOC concept & explain it?
17 ► Explain spring framework?
18 ► What are the oops concept?
19 ► What are the diff types of exception?
20 ► What is AOP(assepct oriented programing)?
21 ► What is jsp life cycle?
22 ► Explain servlet life cycle?
23 ► What is prototype?
24 ► In spring bean class uses singleton or prototype?

2012-04-03 02:52:49

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Re: Advanced Java Interview Questions And Answers

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