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Java Applet Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: [url=]Java Applet Programming
Job Interview Questions and Answers[/url]

Java Applet Programming Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that a Java applet is an applet delivered to the users in the form of Java bytecode. Java applets can run in a Web browser using a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), or in Sun's AppletViewer, a stand-alone tool for testing applets. Learn Java Applet Programming or get preparation of Java Applet by the help of this Java Applet Programming Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is an Applet? Should applets have constructors?
2 ► How will you initialize an Applet?
3 ► How to insert your applets into FrontPage?
4 ► In our URLs and in the text of the buttons we have comma. Its causing an error. Is there a way to change the delimiting character for the menu arguments?
5 ► What is the order of method invocation in an Applet?
6 ► What are the Applets Life Cycle methods? Explain them?
7 ► What is the sequence for calling the methods by AWT for applets?
8 ► How do Applets differ from Applications?
9 ► Can we pass parameters to an applet from HTML page to an applet? How?
10 ► How do we read number information from my applets parameters, given that Applets getParameter() method returns a string?
11 ► How can I arrange for different applets on a web page to communicate with each other?
12 ► How do I select a URL from my Applet and send the browser to that page?
13 ► Can applets on different pages communicate with each other?
14 ► Which classes and interfaces does Applet class consist?
15 ► What is AppletStub Interface?
16 ► What tags are mandatory when creating HTML to display an applet?
17 ► What are the Applets information methods?
18 ► What are the steps involved in Applet development?
19 ► Which method is used to output a string to an applet? Which function is this method included in?
20 ► When is update method called?
21 ► How will you communicate between two Applets?
22 ► How do you communicate in between Applets and Servlets?
23 ► What is the base class for all swing components?
24 ► What is Difference between AWT and Swing?
25 ► Why do you Canvas?
26 ► What type of sound file formats can I use for the applets?

2012-04-03 02:53:31

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Re: Java Applet Interview Questions And Answers

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