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Spring Framework Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: Java Spring Framework Job Interview Questions and Answers

Java Spring Framework Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that the Spring Framework is an open source application framework for the Java platform and .NET Framework. The core features of the Spring Framework can be used by any Java application, but there are extensions for building web applications on top of the Java Enterprise platform. So learn Java Spring Framework by or get preparation for the job of Spring by this Java Spring Framework Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is Spring?
2 ► What are the advantages of Spring framework?
3 ► What are features of Spring?
4 ► How many modules are there in Spring? What are they?
5 ► What are the types of Dependency Injection Spring supports?
6 ► What is Bean Factory?
7 ► What is Application Context?
8 ► What is the difference between Bean Factory and Application Context?
9 ► How is a typical spring implementation look like?
10 ► What is the typical Bean life cycle in Spring Bean Factory Container?
11 ► What do you mean by Bean wiring?
12 ► What do you mean by Auto Wiring?
13 ► What is DelegatingVariableResolver?
14 ► What are the different modules in Spring framework?
15 ► What is the Core container module?
16 ► What is Application context module?
17 ► What is AOP module?
18 ► What is JDBC abstraction and DAO module?
19 ► What are object/relational mapping integration module?
20 ► What is web module?
21 ► What is AOP Alliance?
22 ► What is Spring configuration file?
23 ► What does a simple spring application contain?
24 ► What is XMLBeanFactory?
25 ► Explain Bean lifecycle in Spring framework?
26 ► What is Significance of JSF- Spring integration?
27 ► How to integrate your Struts application with Spring?
28 ► What are the important beans lifecycle methods?
29 ► What are Inner Beans?
30 ► What are the different types of bean injections?
31 ► What are different types of Autowire types?
32 ► What is an Aspect?
33 ► What is a Jointpoint?
34 ► What is an Advice?
35 ► What is a Pointcut?
36 ► What is an Introduction in AOP?
37 ► What is a Target?
38 ► What is a Proxy?
39 ► What is meant by Weaving?
40 ► What are the different points where weaving can be applied?
41 ► What are the different advice types in spring?
42 ► What are the different types of AutoProxying?

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Re: Spring Framework Interview Questions And Answers

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