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JBoss Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: JBoss AS Job Interview Questions and Answers

JBoss Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that JBoss Application Server (or JBoss AS) is a free software/open-source Java EE-based application server. Because it is Java-based, the JBoss application server operates cross-platform, usable on any operating system that Java supports. So start learning JBoss AS and get preparation of the JBoss Application Server Jobs with the help of this JBoss Application Server Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is JBOSS?
2 ► What is JBoss cache in short?
3 ► What is JBoss JBPM?
4 ► How do you monitor JBoss and detect the bottleneck of an application?
5 ► What is JTA?
6 ► What is the difference between Hibernate and EJB 3? Do not you think EJB 3 is just a clone of Hibernate?
7 ► Which Hibernate object wraps the JDBC Connection?
8 ► Is the Session Factory Thread safe?
9 ► How can you start a JTA transaction from a Servlet deployed on JBoss?
10 ► What if you need to span your transaction across multiple Servlet invocations?
11 ► What are the differences between EJB 3.0 and EJB 2.0?
12 ► What is the diffrence between a local-tx-datasource and a xa-datasource? can you use transactions in both?
13 ► What do you need to set-up a cluster with JBoss?
14 ► What optimization could I use if the EJB container is the only point of write access to the database?
15 ► Which component handles cluster communication in JBoss?
16 ► Is it possible to put a JBoss server instance into multiple cluster at the same time?
17 ► What do you know about Seam?
18 ► Does Seam run on other application servers besides JBoss?
19 ► Which JDK is needed to run Seam?
20 ► How would you convince my IT department to adopt SOA?
21 ► What do you think about BPEL and BPM ? How do they compare?
22 ► What is the difference between JAX--WS and JAX-RPC?
23 ► Do you know how you could add support for Web Service transactions?
24 ► What version of JBoss AS do I need to run Seam?
25 ► Can I run Seam outside of JBoss AS?
26 ► Can I run Seam in a J2EE environment?
27 ► Can I run Seam with JDK 1.4 and earlier?
28 ► Where can I find Seam examples and documentation?
29 ► Is it true that Seam only works with JSF?
30 ► Can I use AJAX with Seam?
31 ► Can I unit test Seam applications without starting the Application Server?

2012-04-03 02:54:21

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Re: JBoss Interview Questions And Answers

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