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RMI Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: RMI Job Interview Questions and Answers

RMI Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that the Java Remote Method Invocation API, or Java RMI, is a Java application programming interface that performs the object-oriented equivalent of remote procedure calls (RPC). So learn RMI or get preparation for the job of RMI by this Java Remote Method Invocation Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is Java RMI?
2 ► What are the layers of RMI Architecture?
3 ► What is the basic principle of RMI architecture?
4 ► How many types of protocol implementations does RMI have?
5 ► Does RMI-IIOP support dynamic downloading of classes?
6 ► Does RMI-IIOP support code downloading for Java objects sent by value across an IIOP connection in the same way as RMI does across a JRMP connection?
7 ► What is the role of Remote Interface in RMI?
8 ► What is the role java.rmi.Naming Class?
9 ► What is the default port used by RMI Registry?
10 ► What is meant by binding in RMI?
11 ► What is the difference between using bind() and rebind() methods of Naming Class?
12 ► When is AlreadyBoundException thrown and by which method?
13 ► How to get all the registered objects in a rmiregistry?
14 ► Can a class implementing a Remote interface have non remote methods?
15 ► What is the protocol used by RMI?
16 ► What is the use of UnicastRemoteObject in RMI?
17 ► What does the exportObject of UnicastRemoteObject do?
18 ► What is PortableRemoteObject.narrow() method and what is used for?
19 ► In a RMI Client Program, what are the excpetions which might have to handled?
20 ► Explain RMI Architecture?
21 ► What are the services in RMI?

2012-04-03 02:54:27

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