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JSF Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: JSF Job Interview Questions and Answers

JSF Interview Questions and Answers will teach us now that JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a Java-based Web application framework intended to simplify development integration of web-based user interfaces. JSF is a request-driven MVC web framework based on component driven UI design model, using XML files called view templates or Facelets views. Requests are processed by the FacesServlet, which loads the appropriate view template, builds a component tree, processes events, and renders the response

1 ► What is the JSF?
2 ► What is JavaServer Faces event and listener model?
3 ► What is JavaServer Faces conversion model?
4 ► What is JavaServer Faces UI component class?
5 ► What is JavaServer Faces expression language?
6 ► What is JavaServer Faces navigation model?
7 ► What is JavaServer Faces Technology?
8 ► What is JavaServer Faces UI component?
9 ► What is JavaServer Faces validation model?
10 ► What is the difference between JSP and JSF?
11 ► What are tags in JSF?
12 ► What is JSF life cycle and its phases?
13 ► What is Render Kit in JSF?

2012-04-03 02:54:34

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Re: JSF Interview Questions And Answers

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