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Java EJB Programming Interview Questions And Answers

Java Programing :: Java EJB Programming Job Interview Questions and Answers

Learn Java EJB Programming by EJB interview questions and answers

1 ► What is EJB?
2 ► What is session Facade in EJB?
3 ► What is EJB role in J2EE?
4 ► What is the difference between EJB and Java beans?
5 ► What are the key features of the EJB technology?
6 ► What are the key benefits of the EJB technology?
7 ► How many enterprise beans?
8 ► What is message-driven bean?
9 ► What is Entity Bean and Session Bean ?
10 ► How EJB Invocation happens?
11 ► Is it possible to share an HttpSession between a JSP and EJB? What happens when I change a value in the HttpSession from inside an EJB?
12 ► The EJB container implements the EJBHome and EJBObject classes. For every request from a unique client, does the container create a separate instance of the generated EJBHome and EJBObject classes?
13 ► Can the primary key in the entity bean be a Java primitive type such as int?
14 ► Can you control when passivation occurs?
15 ► What is the advantage of using Entity bean for database operations, over directly using JDBC API to do database operations? When would I use one over the other?
16 ► What is EJB QL?
17 ► Brief description about local interfaces?
18 ► What are the special design care that must be taken when you work with local interfaces?
19 ► What happens if remove( ) is never invoked on a session bean?
20 ► What is the difference between Message Driven Beans and Stateless Session beans?
21 ► How can I call one EJB from inside of another EJB?
22 ► What is an EJB Context?
23 ► Is is possible for an EJB client to marshal an object of class java.lang.Class to an EJB?
24 ► Is it legal to have static initializer blocks in EJB?
25 ► Is it possible to stop the execution of a method before completion in a SessionBean?
26 ► What is the default transaction attribute for an EJB?
27 ► What is the difference between session and entity beans? When should I use one or the other?

2012-04-03 02:55:17

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Re: Java EJB Programming Interview Questions And Answers

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