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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

Engineering :: Electrical Engineering Job Interview Questions and Answers

Electrical engineering interview questions and answers, referred to as electrical and electronic engineering, Electrical Engineering interview questions and answers guide deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. The field interview questions and answers first became an identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century after commercialization of  electric telegraph and electrical power supply. Learn Electrical Engineering by interview questions

1 ► What is the difference between a Verilog task and a Verilog function?
2 ► Given the following Verilog code, what value of "a" is displayed?
3 ► Given the following snipet of Verilog code draw out the waveforms for clk?
4 ► What is the difference between the following two lines of Verilog code?
5 ► What is the difference between:c = foo ? a : b;andif (foo) c = a;else c = b;
6 ► Using the given, draw the waveforms for the following versions of a?
7 ► What is the difference between running the following snipet of code on Verilog vs Vera?
8 ► Write the code to sort an array of integers?
9 ► Write the code for finding the factorial of a passed integer. Use a recursive subroutine?
10 ► In C, explain the difference between the & operator and the * operator?
11 ► Write a function to determine whether a string is a palindrome (same forward as reverse, such as "radar" or "mom")
12 ► Write a function to output a diamond shape according to the given (odd) input?
13 ► Given the following FIFO and rules, how deep does the FIFO need to be to prevent underflowing or overflowing?
14 ► Explain the differences between "Direct Mapped", "Fully Associative", and "Set Associative" caches
15 ► Design a four-input NAND gate using only two-input NAND gates
16 ► Draw the state diagram for a circuit that outputs?
17 ► Which of the following documents is non-statutory?
18 ► Prior to using an electric saw on a construction site, a user check finds that the insulation on the supply flex is damaged. The correct procedure would be to
19 ► When carrying out repairs to the base of a street lighting column it is essential to wear
20 ► First aid points are indicated using signs bearing a white cross on a
21 ► The type of fire extinguisher, which would not be suitable for flammable liquids, is
22 ► CO2 fire extinguishers are indicated by the color code
23 ► An independent regulatory body responsible for monitoring standards of electrical installation contractors is the
24 ► To ensure that a particular item of electro technical equipment meets a particular British Standard or BSEN Harmonized Standard, the best source of information would be the
25 ► Using a scale of 1:50, a 10 mm measurement taken from a plan would be equal to an actual measurement of
26 ► The Tesla is the unit of
27 ► A single rotation of an alternator, intended to provide a 50 Hz supply frequency, will take
28 ► An increase in current through a conductor will lead to
29 ► Four resistors having values of 2 O, 2 O, 5 O, and 20 O are connected in a parallel circuit arrangement. The total resistance of this circuit is
30 ► Where P = V I. The value V can be determined using
31 ► A mass of 20 kg is to be raised by a hoist 2 m in 30 seconds. Assuming no losses, the power required to raise this load is
32 ► The white or grey PVC outer layer of a twin and CPC flat thermoplastic (PVC) cable is the
33 ► The purpose of a bonding conductor is to provide
34 ► A 110 V, centre-tapped earth, reduced low voltage supply for power tools provides a voltage of
35 ► A particular extension lead used on a construction site is colored yellow to
36 ► The five main stages of the risk assessment procedure are:
37 ► The order in which they should be carried out is
38 ► Before any work is done within an electrical installation, the first procedure would be to
39 ► On a large construction site, inductions are carried out for new members of staff in order to inform them of the
40 ► A suitable means of recording the number of visitors on a large construction site is by the use of a
41 ► In order to prove safe isolation of an electrical circuit, it is essential to use
42 ► In order to determine the amount of accessories required for a particular contract, the best method would be to use the layout drawings and a
43 ► The ratio of the true power to apparent power in an ac circuit is the
44 ► Which of the following is a transmission voltage?
45 ► If a circuit protective device requires 200 A in order to disconnect in the required time, the overall impedance of the earth fault path for a 230 V circuit protected by the device must not exceed
46 ► Which of the following is a non-statutory regulation?
47 ► For a drawing having a scale of 1:50, a wall 10 m long would be drawn to a length of
48 ► The maximum operating temperature for a thermoplastic (pace) insulated cable with copper conductors is
49 ► A circuit wired in 1.5 mm2 thermoplastic (PVC) twin with CPC cable is protected by a 16 A device and is used to supply a 230 V 3 kW water heater. If the cable has a rated voltage drop of 29 mV/A/m and the circuit is 24 m long, the actual voltage drop will be
50 ► A non-maintained emergency light is classified as NM3. This means that the luminary will illuminate during
51 ► An earthing arrangement that has a PEN conductor is
52 ► A residual current device will disconnect under
53 ► The most suitable item of equipment to mark a straight line in order to install a horizontal conduit over a distance of 4 m is a
54 ► A 50 mm x 50 mm steel trunking has a tabulated space factor of 1037. If the tabulated factor for PVC cable having a cross sectional area of 6 mm2 is 21.2, the maximum number of these cables that can be installed into the trunking is
55 ► The four electrical tests that should be carried out on a new ring final circuit before it is energized are
56 ► The Electricity at Work Regulations state that electrical equipment must be maintained to prevent danger. Electrical equipment is defined as all small items of battery-powered equipment up to and including overhead power lines rated at
57 ► In order to prevent danger during maintenance operations, a voltage warning notice is required on all electrical accessories where
58 ► In order to facilitate maintenance of a complex electrical system, the sequence of control for isolation can be best shown using a
59 ► Balancing loads over three phases will reduce
60 ► Once a low-pressure mercury vapour lamp has lit, the purpose of the choke/ballast unit is to
61 ► Certain discharge luminaries mounted above rotating machine can give the appearance that the machine is at a standstill. This effect is known as
62 ► Guidance on regular inspection and testing of portable appliances can be found in
63 ► In order to understand the operating procedure for a particular item of equipment, the best source of information would be the
64 ► When carrying out maintenance work on a distribution board in a busy walkway, it is advisable to protect others by the use of a
65 ► Low-pressure mercury- vapor lamps should be disposed of by
66 ► Which of the following normally form part of a highway electrical system?
67 ► Which of the following is a non-statutory document?
68 ► Which of the following is a statutory document applicable to operatives carrying out installation and maintenance of highway electrical equipment?
69 ► It is necessary to avoid skin contact with quartz lamps, as it
70 ► Voltage indication devices need to be proved to ensure
71 ► Relevant information for re commissioning street furniture can be found in
72 ► Instruments should be regularly calibrated to
73 ► To facilitate safe isolation, voltage indicating devices
74 ► Which legislation states the need to avoid live working unless unreasonable in all circumstances?
75 ► Which of the following lamps would not normally form part of a highway electrical system?
76 ► Which of the following is a statutory piece of legislation?
77 ► Which of the following has an impact upon earthing?
78 ► When an ammeter is connected in a circuit it is essential that it
79 ► When a voltmeter is connected in a circuit it is essential that it
80 ► To facilitate ease of installation and assembly of equipment reference is made to
81 ► Electrostatic sensitive equipment, in transit, need not be protected against damage from
82 ► The purpose of a method statement is to
83 ► The purpose of a visual inspection is to ensure compliance with BS 7671, Section
84 ► Which of the following has an adverse effect on installed equipment?
85 ► Which of the following is not a factor, which would affect the type of termination?
86 ► To ensure safe isolation, voltage indicating devices
87 ► A moving coil meter is not used on an ac circuit because
88 ► A common type of cable termination used for ribbon cables in panel building is
89 ► The purpose of a switch is to open or close a circuit
90 ► Which of the following are appropriate tests for a completed panel?
91 ► Which of the following is statutory?
92 ► What degree of protection is specified for protection against a BS finger?
93 ► Q8 BS 7671 provides appropriate advice on
94 ► A device with a BS EN number has been
95 ► An isolator built into a panel is used for
96 ► Particular starting arrangements are used when a motor has a rating greater than
97 ► With a star-delta starter, the windings are brought out to a terminal box. The voltage applied to the windings at starting is
98 ► When the field windings of an electrical machine are not connected to its own armature, it is known as
99 ► In a shunt-wound motor the field coil is connected in
100 ► If a motor is required to start against a large starting current, it is usual to use
101 ► The usual method of insulating core laminations is
102 ► One method of insulating windings is to use
103 ► A single-phase double-wound transformer consists of
104 ► In a star connected three phase transformer the

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Re: Electrical Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

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