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Windows Server 2008 Interview Questions And Answers

Server (computing) :: Windows Server 2008 Job Interview Questions and Answers

Windows Server 2008 Interview Questions and Answers will teach you now that Windows Server 2008 is one of Microsoft Windows server line of operating systems. Released to manufacturing on February 4, 2008, and officially released on February 27, 2008, it is the successor to Windows Server 2003, released nearly five years earlier. Learn more about Windows Server 2008 to get better job or get preparation for Windows Server 2008 Job interview with the help of this Windows Server 2008 Interview Guide

1 ► What are some of the new tools and features provided by Windows Server 2008?
2 ► What are the different editions of Windows Server 2008?
3 ► What two hardware considerations should be an important part of the planning process for a Windows Server 2008 deployment?
4 ► How does the activation process differ on Windows Server 2008 as compared to Windows Server 2003?
5 ► What are the options for installing Windows Server 2008?
6 ► How do you configure and manage a Windows Server 2008 core installation?
7 ► Which Control Panel tool enables you to automate the running of server utilities and other applications?
8 ► What are some of the items that can be accessed via the System Properties dialog box?
9 ► Which Windows Server utility provides a common interface for tools and utilities and provides access to server roles, services, and monitoring and drive utilities?
10 ► How are local user accounts and groups created?
11 ► When a child domain is created in the domain tree, what type of trust relationship exists between the new child domain and the trees root domain?
12 ► What is the primary function of domain controllers?
13 ► What are some of the other roles that a server running Windows Server 2008 could fill on the network?
14 ► Which Windows Server 2008 tools make it easy to manage and configure a servers roles and features?
15 ► What Windows Server 2008 service is used to install client operating systems over the network?
16 ► What domain services are necessary for you to deploy the Windows Deployment Services on your network?
17 ► How is WDS configured and managed on a server running Windows Server 2008?
18 ► What utility is provided by Windows Server 2008 for managing disk drives, partitions, and volumes?
19 ► What is the difference between a basic and dynamic drive in the Windows Server 2008 environment?
20 ► What is RAID in Windows Server 2008?
21 ► What is the most foolproof strategy for protecting data on the network?
22 ► What conceptual model helps provide an understanding of how network protocol stacks such as TCP/IP work?
23 ► What protocol stack is installed by default when you install Windows Server 2008 on a network server?
24 ► When TCP/IP is configured on a Windows server (or domain client), what information is required?
25 ► What are two command-line utilities that can be used to check TCP/IP configurations and IP connectivity, respectively?
26 ► What term is used to refer to the first domain created in a new Active Directory tree?
27 ► How is a server running Windows Server 2008 configured as a domain controller, such as the domain controller for the root domain or a child domain?
28 ► What are some of the tools used to manage Active Directory objects in a Windows Server 2008 domain?
29 ► How are domain user accounts created and managed?
30 ► What type of Active Directory objects can be contained in a group?
31 ► What type of group is not available in a domain that is running at the mixed-mode functional level?
32 ► What types of Active Directory objects can be contained in an Organizational Unit?
33 ► What are Active Directory sites in Windows Server 2008?
34 ► How can client computer accounts be added to the Active Directory?
35 ► What firewall setting is required to manage client computers such as Vista clients and Windows 2008 member servers?
36 ► Can servers running Windows Server 2008 provide services to clients when they are not part of a domain?
37 ► What does the use of Group Policy provide you as a network administrator?
38 ► What tools are involved in managing and deploying Group Policy?
39 ► How do you deal with Group Policy inheritance issues?
40 ► How can you make sure that network clients have the most recent Windows updates installed and have other important security features such as the Windows Firewall enabled before they can gain full network access?
41 ► What is the purpose of deploying local DNS servers?
42 ► What types of zones would you want to create on your DNS server so that both queries to resolve hostnames to IP addresses and queries to resolve IP addresses to hostnames are handled successfully?
43 ► What tool enables you to manage your Windows Server 2008 DNS server?
44 ► In terms of DNS, what is a caching-only server?
45 ► How is the range of IP addresses defined for a Windows Server 2008 DHCP server?
46 ► What TCP/IP configuration parameters can be provided to a DHCP client?
47 ► How can you configure the DHCP server so that it provides certain devices with the same IP address each time the address is renewed?
48 ► To negate rogue DHCP servers from running with a domain, what is required for your DHCP server to function?
49 ► What is functional level?
50 ► What is fine-grained password policies?
51 ► What is the full form of dhcp?

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Re: Windows Server 2008 Interview Questions And Answers

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