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MS Exchange Server 2003 Interview Questions And Answers

Server (computing) :: MS Exchange Server 2003 Job Interview Questions and Answers

MS Exchange Server 2003 Guide and Interview Questions and Answers. Learn about Forestprep, Domainprep, DC, GC, DDNS, Exchange 2003 Routing, OMA, SETUP/UPGRADE of Exchange server, ADMINISTRATION, STORE, CLUSTERING, ADC and BASIC of MS Exchange Server 2003. This MS Exchange Server 2003 Interview Questions and Answers Guide all of you from very beginning to the advance level of Exchange Server 2003

1 ► What is Exchange 2003 Forestprep?
2 ► What is Exchange 2003 Domainprep?
3 ► What is a DC?
4 ► What is a GC?
5 ► What is DDNS and why do I need it?
6 ► What is a border server?
7 ► What is a mixed mode Exchange environment?
8 ► How does an Exchange 5.5 site compare to an Exchange 2003 Routing Group or Administrative Group?
9 ► Where is the Instant Messaging Server?
10 ► What is OMA?
11 ► Why should I go to Exchange 2003 now?
12 ► What are the differences between Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003?
13 ► What is the difference between Exchange 2003 Standard and Exchange 2003 Enterprise editions?
14 ► What is the difference between Exchange 2003 and Windows 2003?
15 ► How can I merge multiple directories to create a unified Exchange organization?
16 ► Can I upgrade from the evaluation edition of Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server to the RTM standard version of Exchange 2003 Server?
17 ► How can you tell how many days remain until the evaluation copy of Exchange 2000 Server expires?
18 ► My evaluation version has expired! Are my databases toast?
19 ► What happened to the M: drive?
20 ► Can Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000 run on Windows 2003?
21 ► Can I run Exchange 2000 with an AD infrastructure with Windows 2003 DC’s?
22 ► Can I upgrade Exchange 2003 Beta 2 to RTM?
23 ► Can I upgrade Exchange 5.5 in place to Exchange 2003?
24 ► How should I upgrade from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003?
25 ► Where is the Instant Messaging Server in exchange server 2003?
26 ► What are the Supported FE/BE scenarios? (i.e. E2003 FE with E2k BE etc.)
27 ► What do I need to get RPC over HTTP working?
28 ► What do I need in order to install Exchange 2003?
29 ► I am running Exchange 5.5 and would like to upgrade to Exchange 2003. Can I upgrade directly?
30 ► Can I install Exchange 2003 on Windows 2000 server?
31 ► Can I rename or move the default groups created by Exchange during domainprep and forestprep?
32 ► What are the minimum hardware requirements for Exchange 2003?
33 ► Am I better off with one really fast processor or two somewhat slower processors?
34 ► Can I have multiple Exchange 2003 organizations in a single forest?
35 ► Can an Exchange 2003 organization span multiple forests?
36 ► What ports does the Exchange server use?
37 ► Exchange Group Policy Notes, what should I do?
38 ► Do I need Windows XP to use Outlook RPC over HTTP?
39 ► When will Exchange 2003 SP1 be available?
40 ► How do I configure the Recovery Storage Group?
41 ► Under Exchange 5.5 I could not restore a single mailbox without 3rd party products. With Exchange 2003, is it any easier to restore a single mailbox or back up a single mailbox?
42 ► Can I back up the EXIFS drive using NT Backup or another backup application?
43 ► How can I prevent a user from sending and receiving Internet mail?
44 ► What tools are used to administer Exchange 2003?
45 ► Can I use Exchange 2000 tools to manage Exchange 2003 Servers?
46 ► Can I use Exchange 2003 tools to manage Exchange 5.5 and Exchange 2000 Servers?
47 ► I created a user in AD Users and Computers, but in the Exchange system manager it does not appear under Mailbox Store | Mailboxes. What did I do wrong?
48 ► I created a secondary Public Folder Hierarchy, but only the original public folder hierarchy appears in Outlook.
49 ► In Exchange 5.5, I could have multiple mailboxes associated with a single user account. How do I do that in Exchange 2003?
50 ► What is the difference between "receive as" and "send as"?
51 ► How do I restrict a user or domain from sending mail to my users?
52 ► I have created more than one address list. Which list will users see for their GAL?
53 ► Is Single Instance Storage maintained when moving users between servers | storage groups | databases?
54 ► In my native E2K3 organization is there any requirement for RPC connectivity between servers?
55 ► How can I archive messages sent or received by my users?
56 ► Why when I try to add an additional mailbox store do I receive the following error? This storage group already contains the maximum number of stores allowed. ID no: c1034a7a
57 ► How do I get the Exchange Advanced Tab in Active Directory Users and Computers?
58 ► How do I control the format of the addresses before the @ sign in a recipient policy?
59 ► How do I make Exchange automatically send a welcome message to all newly created users?
60 ► Is there any way to append a text message to all out bound email for Exchange 2003?
61 ► How do I add a disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages in Visual Basic/Visual Basic Script?
62 ► How can you tell the exact version of Exchange you are running?
63 ► Resource / Conference room scheduling
64 ► How do I find an SMTP mail address in Active Directory if Active Directory Users and Computers tells me it is in use when I try to create a new user
65 ► How do I Enable the Security Tab for the Organization Object?
66 ► How do I restrict users from Creating Top-Level Folders?
67 ► Why do the storage quota settings not take effect immediately?
68 ► How do I limit which Outlook client versions can access my server?
69 ► How do I disable the “Automatically update e-mail addresses based on recipient policy” on all users or contacts?
70 ► Can I use Exchange 2003s OWA to access a mailbox on an Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000 server?
71 ► Can I use Exchange 5.5s OWA to access a mailbox on an Exchange 2003 server?
72 ► How do I remove the ADC after moving all of my users to an Exchange 2003 server?
73 ► How many Global Catalog servers should I deploy?
74 ► What additional queues have been exposed?
75 ► How do I add a disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages in Visual Basic/Visual Basic Script?
76 ► Can I view the queues on a per server basis?
77 ► How do I move SMTP queues and badmail directories?
78 ► What do the various queue names mean?
79 ► How do I activate the real time safe block list?
80 ► How do I filter incoming mail by subject or attachment?
81 ► How do I limit the maximum amount of messages the SMTP queue can hold?
82 ► How do I strip the attachment from an NDR?
83 ► How do you restrict Distribution Lists?
84 ► What is the STM file?
85 ► Why does the size of the EDB file not change when I move users out of that store?
86 ► How do I move the log files?
87 ► Is there an easier way to move mailboxes grouped by
88 ► Will an in place upgrade from Exchange 2000 remove the M: drive?
89 ► If there is still an M: drive mapped, why does the free space number look funny?
90 ► Which cluster configuration is preferred?
91 ► What happened to Active/Active Clustering?
92 ► Do I still have to cycle the services on fail back like in 2000 Active/Passive mode?
93 ► How many cluster nodes are supported by each version of Exchange?
94 ► Are there any other differences between Win2k and Win2k3 clustering?
95 ► Why am I getting the 9582s and what is VM Fragmentation?
96 ► What are the new ADC Tools?
97 ► Can I use the Windows 2003 Active Directory connector with Exchange 2003?
98 ► How can I get a list of connection agreements in Exchange 2003 ADC?
99 ► How do I disable OWA for a single user in Exchange 2000/2003?
100 ► How do I make OWA work properly with Extended Characters?
101 ► How do I stop users from going to a bookmarked /LOGON.ASP page after conversion to 2003 OWA?
102 ► How do I activate session timeouts for OWA users?
103 ► How do I disable potions of the OWA interface?
104 ► What are the new OWA Hot Keys?
105 ► Can I deploy OMA in a mixed environment?
106 ► What is the OMA?
107 ► Which devices are supported by Microsoft to be used with OMA?
108 ► I have just upgraded and I can not use OMA, why?
109 ► I have an Exchange 2003 server on a member server that I promoted to a DC, what happened to my OMA, it no longer works?
110 ► How do I verify OMA is functioning?

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