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Windows Server 2003 Interview Questions And Answers

Server (computing) :: Windows Server 2003 Job Interview Questions and Answers

Windows Server 2003 Interview Questions and Answers guide you about the use and features in Windows Server 2003. Win2K3 is a server operating system produced by Microsoft. This Operating System introduced on 24 April 2003 as the successor to Windows 2000 Server, it is considered by Microsoft to be the cornerstone of its Windows Server System. These Windows Server 2003 interview questions and answers is a guide to prepare for the job where windows 2003 server is in use.

1 ► How do you double-boot a Win 2003 server box?
2 ► What do you do if earlier application does not run on Windows Server 2003?
3 ► If you uninstall Windows Server 2003, which operating systems can you revert to?
4 ► How do you get to Internet Firewall settings?
5 ► What are the Windows Server 2003 keyboard shortcuts?
6 ► What is Active Directory?
7 ► Where are the Windows NT Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and its Backup Domain Controller (BDC) in Server 2003?
8 ► How long does it take for security changes to be replicated among the domain controllers?
9 ► What is new in Windows Server 2003 regarding the DNS management?
10 ► When should you create a forest?
11 ► How can you authenticate between forests?
12 ► What snap-in administrative tools are available for Active Directory?
13 ► What types of classes exist in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory?
14 ► How do you delete a lingering object?
15 ► What is Global Catalog?
16 ► How is user account security established in Windows Server 2003?
17 ► If I delete a user and then create a new account with the same username and password, would the SID and permissions stay the same?
18 ► What do you do with secure sign-ons in an organization with many roaming users?
19 ► Anything special you should do when adding a user that has a Mac?
20 ► What remote access options does Windows Server 2003 support?
21 ► Where are the documents and settings for the roaming profile stored?
22 ► Where are the settings for all the users stored on a given machine?
23 ► What languages can you use for log-on scripts?
24 ► What is the different between Workgroup and Domain?
25 ► How will assign Local Administrator rights for domain user?
26 ► How will you restrict user logon timing in domain?
27 ► What is the purpose of sysvol?
28 ► What is OU? Explain its Uses?
29 ► Explain different edition of windows 2003 Server?
30 ► What is DNS Server?
31 ► Why DNS server is required for Active Directory?
32 ► What is the Purpose of A and PTR Record?
33 ► What is the purpose of DHCP Server?
34 ► Explain about Group Scopes?
35 ► How will you backup DNS Server?
36 ► How will backup DHCP Server?
37 ► What is APIPA?
38 ► Explain about AD Database?
39 ► Explain about Group Policy?
40 ► What is the default time for group policy refresh interval time?
41 ► What is Hidden Share?
42 ► What ports are used by DHCP and the DHCP clients?
43 ► How do I configure a client machine to use a specific IP Address?
44 ► Name 3 benefits of using AD-integrated zones?
45 ► How do you backup & Restore AD?
46 ► How do you change the DS Restore admin password?
47 ► How can you forcibly remove AD from a server?
48 ► What is the entire problem if DNS Server fails?
49 ► What is SYSVOL folder?
50 ► How can you restrict running certain applications on a machine?
51 ► What can you do to promote a server to DC?
52 ► How will map a folder through AD?
53 ► What is Quotas?
54 ► Explain Backup Methodology?
55 ► Explain how to publish printer through AD?
56 ► Explain the functionality of FTP Server?
57 ► Specify the Port Number for AD, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 & FTP?
58 ► What is Virtual Directory in IIS?
59 ► What is Exclusion Range in DHCP Server?
60 ► What is SOA Record?

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