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Micro Strategy Interview Questions And Answers

Data Warehouse :: Micro Strategy Job Interview Questions and Answers

Micro Strategy frequently Asked Questions in various Micro Strategy job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of Micro Strategy job interview

1 ► Is it possible to see the data in dataset?
2 ► What are the advantages of dataset compare to fileset?
3 ► What are the nulls on microstrategy report and how to mask them?
4 ► What is static prompt in microstrategy?
5 ► What is view filter?
6 ► How many project sources we can create in Metadata?
7 ► What is Element cache and give me one example?
8 ► How we can create the Intelligent cubes in Microstrategy?
9 ► How to use consolidations in microstrategy report?
10 ► In document how to create metrics?
11 ► What is the difference b/w the public object&schema object?
12 ► what is the difference between documents and dashboards in mstr?
13 ► How to increase logical sige of a table in microstrategy?
14 ► How to do performance tuning on reports?
15 ► Difference between standard, absolute and ignore condition in metrics?
16 ► Suppose I want to get sales data for the last (suppose 10) dates dynamically using value prompt how can i do it and drag it onto report editor?
17 ► How to use value prompt and drag it on to report editor?
18 ► How to optimize a report in microstrategy environment?
19 ► What are the roles & responsibilities of microstrategy developer?
20 ► Is that possible to Insert and Update a record in the Database through Microstrategy?
21 ► In Microstrategy, how can we direct the sql generated to use a specifc table?
22 ► In Microstrategy, what are Logical Views used for?
23 ► In Microstrategy, how can you direct the sql generated to use a specifc table?

2012-04-03 02:59:16

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Re: Micro Strategy Interview Questions And Answers

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