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Actuate Interview Questions And Answers

Data Warehouse :: Actuate Job Interview Questions and Answers

Actuate job interview questions and answers guideline. Lean Actuate and get preparation for the job of Actuate

1 ► Explain Difference between onRow and Onread method?
2 ► How do we have left -right flow , normally its top-down flow?
3 ► What property you use to Hide a control at runtime?
4 ► We had a number of reports scheduled to run at various times.  This worked fine for at least a year, now it is the second time round we lost all the scheduled jobs, with no apparent reason we can find.  Any ideas?
5 ► I generated one report design time i can color green. at run i want bule how to change dynamically? and which method i can over write?
6 ► What is AFC? Where we Use AFC in Actuate?
7 ► What is the filter?
8 ► How to call a stored procedure from a report?
9 ► Connecting to iServer Volume using IDAPI Classes(Java Classes) and after connecting to iServer i want to execute the ROX on iServer and also want know the status whether that job is succesfully run or not?
10 ► How many times executite the fetch method at run time?
11 ► What is data stream and data adaopter is it same are different? explain?
12 ► How to implement the parallel report?
13 ► How to generate a report by getting values from two reports. the generated report should contain the 5 values of first report and last 5 values of second report?
14 ► What is the difference between -using Group by in the SQL of the report-having a Group section in the report?
15 ► Can we define global methods in a report?
16 ► Can we connect to 2 different types of database through the same report?
17 ► What is report bursting?
18 ► What is page level security?
19 ► Which cmponent has onRead method and what it is used for?

2012-04-03 03:02:40

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Re: Actuate Interview Questions And Answers

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