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Informatica Data Warehousing Interview Questions And Answers

Data Warehouse :: Informatica Data Warehousing Job Interview Questions and Answers

Informatica Data Warehousing guideline for job interview preparation. Explore list of Informatica Data Warehousing frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in number of Informatica Data Warehousing interviews. Post your comments as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Informatica Data Warehousing Interview Question or answer. Ask Informatica Data Warehousing Question, your question will be answered by our fellow friends.

1 ► If two relational tables are connected to SQ Trans, what are the possible errors it will be thrown?
2 ► What is a command that used to run a batch?
3 ► How to stop a batch?
4 ► What is EDW?
5 ► What is the Difference between static cache and dynamic cache?
6 ► Explain What is batch and describe about types of batches?
7 ► Explain What are the tasks that Loadmanger process will do?
8 ► Explain What is the limit to the number of sources and targets you can have in a mapping?
9 ► What is Session and Batches?
10 ► What is the difference between Power Center and Power Mart?What is the procedure for creating Independent Data Marts from Informatica 7.1?
11 ► Suppose if a session fails after loading of 10,000 records in to the target.How can you load the records from 10001 the record when you run the session next time?
12 ► What are Aggregate transformation?
13 ► What are the reusable transforamtions?
14 ► Explain How many ways you create ports?
15 ► What are Target Types on the Server?
16 ► Why we use repository connectivity?
17 ► Explain What are the mapping paramaters and maping variables?
18 ► How to do unit testing in informatica?How to load data in informatica ?
19 ► How to handle decimal places while importing a flatfile into informatica?
20 ► Explain the Differences between Normalizer and Normalizer transformation?
21 ► What is the difference between Informatica 7.0 and 8.0?
22 ► Explain How many types of dimensions are available in Informatica?
23 ► Explain Where to store informatica rejected data? How to extract the informatica rejected data?
24 ► How to configure mapping in informatica?
25 ► What is the difference between informatics 7x and 8x and what is latest version?
26 ► What is the difference between filter and lookup transformation?
27 ► Explain How to import oracle sequence into Informatica?
28 ► How to load time dimension?
29 ► Explain What are the measure objects?
30 ► Explain How to get the first 100 rows from the flat file into the target?
31 ► Explain What are the basic needs to join two sources in a source qualifier?
32 ► What is the use of incremental aggregation? Explain me in brief with an example?
33 ► What are the joiner caches?
34 ► Explain What is power center repository?
35 ► Explain What is metadata reporter?
36 ► What are the unsupported repository objects for a mapplet?
37 ► How can we transform row to column?
38 ► What is a time dimension? give an example?
39 ► Explain Why dimenstion tables are denormalized in nature?
40 ► How to load the data from people soft hrm to people soft erm using informatica?
41 ► How to eliminate duplicate rows from flat file?
42 ► Explain How to export mappings to the production environment?
43 ► What is Recovering sessions?
44 ► How Identifying bottlenecks in various components of Informatica and resolving them?
45 ► What is perform recovery?
46 ► Can we start and stop single session in concurent bstch?
47 ► Start a batches with in a batch?
48 ► Explain What are the different types of transformation available in informatica. and what are the mostly used ones among them?
49 ► Explain Why we use partitioning the session in informatica?
50 ► How to join 3 database like Flat File, Oracle, Db2 in Informatrica?
51 ► Explain What is the difference between stop and abort?
52 ► What is the Rankindex in Ranktransformation?
53 ► What is Load Manager?
54 ► How to improve session performance in aggregator transformation?
55 ► What is the difference between Narmal load and Bulk load?
56 ► What is the difference between connected and unconnected stored procedures?
57 ► What are partition points?
58 ► What is the difference between constraind base load ordering and target load plan?
59 ► What is source qualifier transformation?
60 ► Is union Transormation is Active transformation?
61 ► What are variable ports and list two situations when they can be used?
62 ► Whats the diff between Informatica powercenter server, repositoryserver and repository?
63 ► How to import VSAM files from source to target. Do we need a special plugin?
64 ► How many types of facts and what are they?

2012-04-03 03:03:17

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