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Business Objects Interview Questions And Answers

Data Warehouse :: Business Objects Job Interview Questions and Answers

Business Objects Frequently Asked Questions in various Business Objects Interviews asked by the interviewer. So learn Business Objects with the help of this Business Objects Interview questions and answers guide and feel free to comment as your suggestions, questions and answers on any Business Objects Interview Question or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

1 ► Let me know the things we can do in WEBi and cannot do it in FULL CLIENT and vice verse for BO6.5?
2 ► Explain Are Data mart and DWH normalized or denormalized? Do both of them exist inthe same tier?
3 ► Explain How to schedule the report in B.O?
4 ► Explain When to use local filter and when to use global Filter?
5 ► Explain What is the difference between slice and dice and cross tab report?
6 ► Explain How can we do load testing for Webi Reports? (Example if I have have to test one webi report for Concurrent users refreshing report at one time)?
7 ► What is the difference between BoXIR2 and BOXIR3?
8 ► What is the difference between User And versatile user?
9 ► What are all difference between business objects 6.5 and XI R2?
10 ► What is difference between Webi and Infoview?
11 ► What is a fantrap in Business Objects?
12 ► Give some information on REPORT BURSTING and how to do it in BCA as i have to split the report and send diff reports to diff people?
13 ► Explain the difference between compatible and incompatible objects?
14 ► What is a bo repository?
15 ► What is the dense rank?
16 ► Explain Is there any default username & pwd for BO designer & supervisor?
17 ► What is difference between custom hierarchy and report based hierarchy?
18 ► Explain What would you consider as your biggest achievement and why?
19 ► Explain the difference between detect alias and detect context?
20 ► What is the difference between condition & filter?
21 ► What is Object Stores?
22 ► Explain How we drill up week to Month?
23 ► Explain When we use aggregate awareness function in designer?
24 ► How to generate the report from excel sheet?
25 ► What is thumbnail?
26 ► What is report template in B.O?
27 ► What are the steps to be taken to schedule the report?
28 ► Explain How many universes can be created in a project?
29 ► Explain about Alerts in Bos, Under what situation we need to use alerts?
30 ► Explain What are the steps to do to use Alerts in BO?
31 ► What is a derived table in data warehousing?
32 ► Explain Is there any tool that can compare two Unvs / two Rpts , built using BO 5.1 / BO 6.5?
33 ► Explain is there any other repository domains rather than universe, security, document?
34 ► Explain Difference between ZABO and webi?
35 ► Explain What three things do you consider to be the most important factors for a manager?
36 ► Explain How to execute the plsql procedure from the report by clicking with mouse?
37 ► Explain What are the steps to be taken to schedule the report?
38 ► If I have three predefined prompts.In a report it will come randomly.How they will come in a specified format?
39 ► What is top business?
40 ► Explain the difference between union and group?
41 ► Explain What if a cartesian product pop up block appears when running a report. Does it give wrong values? How to solve this issue?
42 ► Explain Which versions are used in the BO dashboard work?

2012-04-03 03:04:21

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Re: Business Objects Interview Questions And Answers

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